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  • The Residue Of Arrogance PP Archival Print by Eddie Colla

    Eddie Colla The Residue Of Arrogance PP Archival Print by Eddie Colla

    Purchase The Residue Of Arrogance PP Printers Proof Archival Print by Eddie Colla Limited Edition Print on Fine Art Paper Pop Artist Modern Artwork. PP Printer Proof 2019 Signed & Marked PP Limited Edition Artwork Size 14x24 Archival Pigment Fine Art  Eddie Colla's 'The Residue Of Arrogance': A Commentary in Print Eddie Colla's 'The Residue Of Arrogance' PP (Printer's Proof) archival print is a limited edition piece that communicates a powerful narrative through street pop art. Signed and marked by the artist in 2019, this print on fine art paper, 14x24 inches, uses archival pigment for longevity. The artwork explores themes such as identity, resistance, and societal structures, which are central to Colla's work. His art often reflects on the impact of commercialism and the intrusion of public spaces, creating dialogues around the power dynamics of visual culture. This piece is yet another example of Colla's ability to blend fine art with street art's energy and social consciousness.


  • Yoshinoya PP Archival Print by Scott Listfield

    Scott Listfield Yoshinoya PP Archival Print by Scott Listfield

    Purchase Yoshinoya PP Printer Proof Archival Pigment Fine Art Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print on 290gsm Moab Fine Art Paper by Pop Artist Scott Listfield. PP Printers Proof 2018 Signed & Marked PP Limited Edition Artwork Size 14x18 Release: November 09  Scott Listfield's "Yoshinoya" and Its Place in Contemporary Art Scott Listfield's "Yoshinoya" PP (Printer's Proof) archival pigment print is a profound statement in the landscape of contemporary pop art, street art, and graffiti artwork. The print, released on November 9, 2018, is part of a limited edition, distinctly marked as a Printer's Proof and signed by the artist himself. This signifies an edition that is typically kept aside from the main production run and is often used to verify the quality before the final edition is printed. Collectors and enthusiasts of pop art see PP editions as highly desirable due to their rarity and the intimate involvement of the artist in their creation. Symbolism in "Yoshinoya" by Scott Listfield The artwork, measuring 14x18 inches, is printed on 290gsm Moab fine art paper, known for its premium quality and ability to showcase sharp, saturated colors and fine details. "Yoshinoya" features an astronaut, a recurring character in Listfield's work, symbolizing exploration and isolation in the modern world. The astronaut stands before a contemporary home with a floating advertisement blimp for Yoshinoya in the background against a twilight sky. This image is laden with symbolism, the astronaut seemingly contemplating the juxtaposition between the vastness of space and the commercialized urban environment. Exploration of Pop Art Themes in Listfield's Work The print embodies several themes prevalent in street pop art and graffiti artwork: an exploration of the human condition, a critique of consumer culture, and using familiar imagery to provoke thought. Listfield's astronaut is more than a character; it is an avatar for the viewer, navigating a world where corporate branding reaches as far as the stars. The serene residential setting contrasts with the bold commercial symbol overhead, prompting reflections on the intrusion of marketing into every facet of life. Technique and Cultural Commentary In creating "Yoshinoya," Listfield employs the technique of archival pigment printing, a method that ensures long-lasting image stability and color accuracy. This technique is particularly well-suited to capturing the nuanced tones of the twilight sky and the reflective surfaces of the astronaut's suit. By using fine art paper, Listfield elevates the print, traditionally associated with street art's ephemeral nature, to a level of enduring fine art. Scott Listfield's "Yoshinoya" PP archival pigment print is a critical piece of street pop and graffiti artwork. It encapsulates the essence of pop art through its engagement with commercial and cultural symbols while offering a unique perspective on the role and impact of advertising in modern society. The limited edition nature of the print, alongside its quality and thematic depth, positions it as a significant work for collectors and enthusiasts of contemporary art.


  • Sale -20% Shizentomotel Archival Print By Oga Namahage

    Oga Namahage Shizentomotel Archival Print By Oga Namahage

    Purchase Shizentomotel Limited Edition Archival Pigment Prints on 310gsm Museum Natural Fine Art Paper by Oga Namahage Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. Shizentomotel a mural based in Shonan [Shizentomotteru] They are a variety of characters that can be called their own background has continued to transmit the message along with the "natural" that name also attached to the parallel course of things.


  • Sale -20% Lil Nekobasu Archival Print by Casey Weldon

    Casey Weldon Lil Nekobasu Archival Print by Casey Weldon

    Purchase Lil Nekobasu Archival Pigment Limited Edition Print on Fine Art Paper by Pop Artist Casey Weldon Artwork. 2017 Numbered Limited Edition of 150 Artwork Size 14x14


  • Sale -20% Yoshinoya Archival Print by Scott Listfield

    Scott Listfield Yoshinoya Archival Print by Scott Listfield

    Purchase Yoshinoya Archival Pigment Fine Art Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print on 290gsm Moab Fine Art Paper by Pop Artist Scott Listfield. 2018 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 50 Artwork Size 14x18 Release: November 09  The Creative Vision Behind "Yoshinoya" by Scott Listfield Scott Listfield's "Yoshinoya" is a powerful exemplar of pop art's evolution into the digital age, blending street art sensibilities with the precision of fine art printmaking. This limited edition archival pigment print on 290gsm Moab fine art paper captures the artist's signature motif: an astronaut set against a landscape with pop culture references and commercial iconography. Created in 2018, this artwork is part of a limited edition of 50, each piece signed and numbered by Listfield, emphasizing the value of exclusivity in art collecting. Dissecting the Pop Art and Street Art Influences The astronaut in "Yoshinoya" is an avatar for exploration, not of space, but of the contemporary world, reflecting the genre's thematic exploration of alienation and the search for meaning amidst a landscape crowded with commercial messages. The juxtaposition of the otherworldly figure against the backdrop of a modernist building and a branded blimp subtly critiques the pervasive influence of consumerism. This imagery resonates with the essence of street pop art and graffiti artwork, where the public is confronted with bold statements woven into the fabric of everyday environments. Technique and Medium: Elevating Street Art Listfield's choice of medium, the archival pigment print, represents a bridge between the transient nature of street art and the permanence sought by fine art collectors. Moab fine art paper, a medium celebrated for its durability and color fidelity, ensures that the vivid hues and intricate details of "Yoshinoya" are preserved, capturing the fleeting beauty of street art in a form that withstands the test of time. The 14x18 inch size of the artwork makes it an intimate yet impactful piece, suitable for diverse spaces from private collections to public exhibitions. In summary, Scott Listfield's "Yoshinoya" is a thought-provoking piece that reflects the artist's critical eye on society's cultural landscapes, melding the immediacy of street pop art with the lasting impact of acceptable art practices. The limited edition print is a testament to the evolving nature of pop art, embracing new techniques and mediums to continue the tradition of challenging viewers and inspiring dialogue through visual art.


  • Sale -20% Sweetness #2 HPM Hand-Embellished Archival Pigment Print - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

    Helice Wen Sweetness #2 HPM Archival Print by Helice Wen

    Purchase Sweetness #2 Limited Edition Hand-Embellished HPM Archival Pigment Prints on Fine Art Paper by Helice Wen Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. 2016 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 40 Artwork Size 14x14 Helice Wen's "Sweetness #2" Hand Embellished by the Artist Signed and Numbered Edition of 40 Copies 14" x 14"


Asian Graffiti Street Pop Artwork

Asian Influence and Representation in Street Pop Art and Graffiti

The influence of Asian culture and aesthetics in street pop art and graffiti has been profound and transformative. As these art forms have become more global, integrating Asian elements has led to a diverse visual language that transcends borders and cultural barriers. The infusion of Asian elements into modern urban art can be seen in the work of artists who draw inspiration from various Asian cultures. Motifs such as calligraphy, traditional patterns, and iconic symbols from Asian heritage have been reinterpreted and woven into the fabric of street art. These elements bring a rich historical context and a fresh perspective to urban canvases worldwide.

Symbolism and Style in Asian-Inspired Artworks

Asian-inspired artworks often incorporate traditional symbolism and style, reimagined within contemporary issues. Dragons, tigers, and other powerful creatures are common motifs, symbolizing strength and resilience. Calligraphy and script, with their inherent fluidity and grace, are used to convey messages or to adorn spaces with their beauty. Using these traditional symbols within the urban setting creates a dialogue between the old and the new, the East and the West. Asian artists have come to the forefront of the street art scene, bringing their cultural heritage and perspectives into their work. Their contributions have not only enriched the diversity of street art but have also provided a platform to share stories and experiences from Asian perspectives. These artists often navigate between respecting tradition and challenging contemporary issues, using their artwork as a form of communication and expression.

Representation and Identity in Asian Street Pop Art

Representation and identity play significant roles in the way Asian themes are portrayed in street pop art and graffiti. These works often reflect the complex identities of Asian communities, exploring themes of diaspora, cultural fusion, and the challenges of preserving cultural heritage in a rapidly globalizing world. Street art becomes a means to assert identity and celebrate the diversity of Asian cultures in public spaces.

Cultural Exchange and Collaboration

The world of street pop art and graffiti is also marked by cultural exchange and collaboration, with Asian and non-Asian artists working together to create pieces that are a confluence of styles and ideas. This collaborative approach not only enhances the artistic process but also fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultural aesthetics and narratives. The presence of Asian themes in street pop art and graffiti is a testament to the universal language of art. It showcases how traditional Asian aesthetics can be transformed and given new life in the contemporary art scene, resonating with audiences worldwide. As street art continues to evolve, the Asian influence remains a vibrant and integral part of the movement, contributing to the rich tapestry of urban expression.
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