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  • Bape Ape Head Pop Abc Camo Green UltraGiclée Print by Tomotatsu Gima

    Tomotatsu Gima Bape Ape Head Pop Abc Camo Green UltraGiclée Print by Tomotatsu Gima

    Purchase Bape Ape Head Pop Abc Camo Green UltraGiclée Print by Tomotatsu Gima Artwork Limited Edition Print on SIHL Ivory White Matt Paper Graffiti Pop Street Artist. 2023 Hand Numbered Limited Edition of 300 Artwork Size 22x22 Bape 30th Anniversary Collection With COA Tomotatsu Gima, a prodigious artist rooted in the picturesque landscapes of Okinawa, Japan, has charted an inspiring journey that intricately blends Japanese and American animation influences, as well as nuances from contemporary art. The fusion of these elements birthed what Gima coined as "POP COLLAGE." Within this art form, Gima employs upcycled cardboard boxes as his canvas, creating a medley of vibrant prints and globally-recognized logos. It's not just the aesthetic appeal of his art that captivates the audience, but also its underlying ethos. Firmly dedicated to eco-conservation, Gima ensures that every fragment left from his creations finds its way back to recycling processes. The genesis of his artwork is also noteworthy: the erstwhile contents of these cardboard boxes lay the groundwork for his themes, integrating symbols of renowned international products, echoing both familiarity and novelty. In celebration of Bape's 30th anniversary, Gima has manifested his exceptional talent in the "Bape Ape Head Pop Abc Camo Green UltraGiclée Print." This limited edition—restricted to a mere 300 hand-numbered pieces—sits grandly on SIHL Ivory White Matt Paper, measuring a noteworthy 22x22 inches. As part of the Bape 30th Anniversary Collection, this artwork not only stands as a testament to Gima's brilliance but also commemorates a brand that has defined street fashion for three decades. For aficionados of pop art, street art, or graffiti, Gima's creations serve as a testament to the future of artistic evolution while honoring their cultural past. Hailing from the mesmerizing island of Okinawa, Japan, Tomotatsu Gima's upbringing was deeply influenced by a diverse blend of Japanese and American animation, as well as modern art. He developed a distinctive art style known as "POP COLLAGE," which utilizes upcycled cardboard boxes as a backdrop for his striking combinations of logos and colorful prints. With a focus on eco-friendliness, all remnants from his artistic endeavors are recycled. The contents once carried by these boxes serve as the foundation for the themes in his pieces, integrating recognizable global products.


  • Bape Multi Camo UltraGiclée Print by Shark Seijin

    Shark Seijin Bape Multi Camo UltraGiclée Print by Shark Seijin

    Purchase Bape Multi Camo UltraGiclée Print by Shark Seijin Artwork Limited Edition Print on SIHL Ivory White Matt Paper Graffiti Pop Street Artist. 2023 Hand Numbered Limited Edition of 300 Artwork Size 22x22 Bape 30th Anniversary Collection With COA Shark Seijin an enigmatic contemporary artist, has been a long-standing icon of Bape Gallery. His works speak for themselves, showcasing his background in both fashion and fine arts media. By blurring the lines between aesthetic contemplation and functional representation, Shark Seijin creates unique pieces that embody Bape's interpretation of art and fashion. Despite his experimental and mysterious nature, the artist remains humble, placing the focus solely on his artwork rather than himself. Bape, a revered name in the world of streetwear, has consistently bridged the gap between street culture and high art. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the brand commemorates its journey through an exclusive release: the Bape Multi Camo UltraGiclée Print. This limited edition masterpiece, crafted on the premium SIHL Ivory White Matt Paper, is a testament to the brand's commitment to avant-garde artistry and its influence on street culture. At the helm of this artwork is Shark Seijin, a name synonymous with the Bape Gallery and known for his evocative and transformative pieces. The fusion of his deep understanding of fashion and expertise in fine arts manifests in this exclusive print, making it a quintessential representation of Bape's three-decade-long journey. The Multi Camo design, a recognizable motif within the Bape universe, rendered through Shark Seijin's lens, is not just a visual delight but a narrative of how streetwear and art are intertwined. While many artists seek the limelight, Shark Seijin's enigma is what sets him apart. Eschewing the glare of publicity, he allows his works to be the primary conversation starters. His pieces are more than just visual compositions; they are an exploration of urban culture, an ode to the streets, and an embodiment of the rebellious spirit of graffiti and pop art. This 22x22 artwork, part of the 2023 limited edition collection, is not just a piece of art; it's a piece of history, capturing Bape's essence and the zeitgeist of a generation.


  • Arkiv Camo UltraGiclée Print by Arkiv Vilmansa

    Tomotatsu Gima Arkiv Camo UltraGiclée Print by Arkiv Vilmansa

    Purchase Arkiv Camo UltraGiclée Print by Arkiv Vilmansa Artwork Limited Edition Print on SIHL Ivory White Matt Paper Graffiti Pop Street Artist. 2023 Limited Edition of TBD Artwork Size 22x22 Bape 30th Anniversary Collection Hailing from Indonesia, Arkiv Vilmansa has earned acclaim as an inventive artist, renowned for his modern and whimsical sculptures and paintings. Born in Jakarta, Vilmansa's distinctive approach fuses elements of pop culture, surrealism, and playful creativity. His artwork is marked by vivid colors, flowing lines, and a harmonious blend of abstract and figurative elements. Vilmansa's art has been showcased in numerous galleries and museums both locally and internationally, but perhaps his most iconic creation is the character "Mickiv." This abstract interpretation of Mickey Mouse has evolved into a signature emblem of Vilmansa's artistic oeuvre. Through Mickiv and other inventive designs, Vilmansa delves into themes such as consumerism, pop culture, and the human experience. Despite his architectural background, Vilmansa's art strays from conventional discipline in favor of unrestrained, spontaneous self-expression. Utilizing a singular technique to shape surfaces and textures, his artwork navigates the realms of abstraction and character-driven compositions, drawing inspiration from popular culture. Visionary artists like Takashi Murakami and NIGO have significantly influenced Vilmansa's use of color, organic shapes, and inventive canvas arrangements.


Asian Graffiti Street Pop Artwork

Asian Influence and Representation in Street Pop Art and Graffiti

The influence of Asian culture and aesthetics in street pop art and graffiti has been profound and transformative. As these art forms have become more global, integrating Asian elements has led to a diverse visual language that transcends borders and cultural barriers.

Asian Elements in Modern Urban Art

The infusion of Asian elements into modern urban art can be seen in the work of artists who draw inspiration from various Asian cultures. Motifs such as calligraphy, traditional patterns, and iconic symbols from Asian heritage have been reinterpreted and woven into the fabric of street art. These elements bring a rich historical context and a fresh perspective to urban canvases worldwide.

Symbolism and Style in Asian-Inspired Artworks

Asian-inspired artworks often incorporate traditional symbolism and style, reimagined within contemporary issues. Dragons, tigers, and other powerful creatures are common motifs, symbolizing strength and resilience. Calligraphy and script, with their inherent fluidity and grace, are used to convey messages or to adorn spaces with their beauty. Using these traditional symbols within the urban setting creates a dialogue between the old and the new, the East and the West.

Asian Artists in the Street Art Scene

Asian artists have come to the forefront of the street art scene, bringing their cultural heritage and perspectives into their work. Their contributions have not only enriched the diversity of street art but have also provided a platform to share stories and experiences from Asian perspectives. These artists often navigate between respecting tradition and challenging contemporary issues, using their artwork as a form of communication and expression.

Representation and Identity in Asian Street Pop Art

Representation and identity play significant roles in the way Asian themes are portrayed in street pop art and graffiti. These works often reflect the complex identities of Asian communities, exploring themes of diaspora, cultural fusion, and the challenges of preserving cultural heritage in a rapidly globalizing world. Street art becomes a means to assert identity and celebrate the diversity of Asian cultures in public spaces.

Cultural Exchange and Collaboration

The world of street pop art and graffiti is also marked by cultural exchange and collaboration, with Asian and non-Asian artists working together to create pieces that are a confluence of styles and ideas. This collaborative approach not only enhances the artistic process but also fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultural aesthetics and narratives. The presence of Asian themes in street pop art and graffiti is a testament to the universal language of art. It showcases how traditional Asian aesthetics can be transformed and given new life in the contemporary art scene, resonating with audiences worldwide. As street art continues to evolve, the Asian influence remains a vibrant and integral part of the movement, contributing to the rich tapestry of urban expression.
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