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  • Doraemon Archival Print by Adam Lister

    Adam Lister Doraemon Archival Print by Adam Lister

    Purchase Doraemon Archival Print by Adam Lister Limited Edition on 300gsm Hot Press Matte Fine Art Paper Pop Graffiti Street Art Artist Modern Artwork. 2023 Signed & Numbered Print Limited Edition of 50 Artwork Size 8.5x8.5 Archival Pigment Fine Art  Anime Cat Character Doraemon Smiling and Waving in Glitch Style Doraemon, the beloved anime cat character, has long been a symbol of childhood nostalgia and technological fantasy. This transcendent charm has captured the heart of American artist Adam Lister, who has given the classic Japanese icon a fresh and contemporary reinterpretation. In his limited edition archival print, Lister depicts Doraemon in an arresting glitch style, elevating this familiar character to a fresh realm of modern artwork. Embodying his distinctive style that melds the techniques of pop art, street art, and graffiti art, Lister's depiction of Doraemon is a unique combination of digital fragmentation and geometric abstraction. In this work, the artist converges the formal precision of geometric abstraction with the playful irreverence of pop art. By drawing upon the aesthetics of 8-bit graphics and Cubist fragmentation, Lister transforms the universally recognized image of Doraemon into a composition of pixellated blocks and sharp angles. Lister's rendering of Doraemon's distinctive blue form and signature accessories is vibrantly reproduced on a 300gsm Hot Press Matte Fine Art Paper, chosen for its ability to capture the high-resolution detail and rich color saturation of the artist's original creation. The image of Doraemon waving and smiling in his glitch style is an invitation to revisit the character in a new light, and is a testament to Lister's skill in translating cultural icons into complex graphic forms. The 2023 signed and numbered print, limited to a run of just 50 copies, demonstrates Lister's commitment to authenticity and exclusivity. With a print size of 8.5x8.5, this archival pigment fine art has an intimate scale that contrasts with the monumental cultural significance of its subject. Each print is individually numbered and signed by Lister, ensuring its status as a collectible work of art. While the work maintains a modern aesthetic, it is steeped in the history of both Eastern and Western art traditions. Doraemon, a figure that has been imprinted on the global consciousness through television and manga, is presented here through a visual language that pays homage to graffiti, pop, and digital art. It's in this juxtaposition that the brilliance of Lister’s work shines, redefining cultural symbols through a new lens of perception. Adam Lister's Doraemon Archival Print is more than just a work of art - it's a cross-cultural dialogue, a bridge between traditional and digital, a convergence of pop culture, street art, and fine art. It is an emblem of the artist's continuous exploration of the nexus between culture, art, and technology, and an exemplar of how contemporary art can play with and redefine universally recognized imagery. This artwork is a unique testament to Lister's remarkable ability to reinvent and reinterpret cultural iconography, making it a captivating piece for both serious collectors and fans of innovative art.


  • Skeletor MOTU Art Toy Sculpture by Madsaki Skeletor MOTU Art Toy Sculpture by Madsaki

    Madsaki Skeletor MOTU Art Toy Sculpture by Madsaki

    Purchase Skeletor Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Madsaki x MOTU. 2020 Madsaki and Mattel Creations teamed up to create these exclusive Madsaki x Masters of the Universe SKELETOR Figures. 8.5x11 MADSAKI and MATTEL CREATIONS team up to create this exclusive and iconic drop-a scaled down re-creation of the larger-than-life SKELETOR sculpture that turned the heads of fans and art critics alike as a centerpiece of MADSAKI'S "1984" solo exhibition at Tokyo's Kaikai Kiki Gallery in 2020, in special color exclusive to the figure version. Measuring 11 inches tall to the top of the staff, with the facial expression depicted in dripping spay paint style, its vivid coloring has been calculated to contrast with the HE-MAN and BATTLE CAT figures produced earlier. SKELETOR, the most famous villain of Eternia, has been sublimated into a unique and special figure, filled with the artist's childhood memories of being surrounded by his beloved cheap toys and his respect for the culture that greatly influenced him. Each sculpture includes a hand-signed certificate of authenticity from MADSAKI as well as white gloves to better care for your art piece. Displayed With Box


  • Astro Boy Archival Print by Adam Lister

    Adam Lister Astro Boy Archival Print by Adam Lister

    Purchase Astro Boy Archival Print by Adam Lister Limited Edition on 300gsm Hot Press Matte Fine Art Paper Pop Graffiti Street Art Artist Modern Artwork. 2023 Signed & Numbered Print Limited Edition of 50 Artwork Size 8.5x8.5 Archival Pigment Fine Art Anime Super Hero Character Astro Boy Flying Through The Air in Glitch Style This captivating piece of modern artwork, an Astro Boy Archival Print by Adam Lister, showcases the power and dynamism of street art and pop art combined. As an artistic rendering of a renowned cultural icon, it marks an important milestone in the popular and ever-evolving culture of modern art. Released in 2023, this limited edition piece, signed and numbered by the artist himself, has been made available in a scarce quantity of just fifty prints, thereby making it a sought-after collector's item for art enthusiasts worldwide. Rendered on a 300gsm Hot Press Matte Fine Art Paper, this artwork stands out for its distinctive quality and durability. The choice of material is an essential aspect of this work, underscoring the fusion of traditional and contemporary art techniques. The 8.5x8.5 size of the print adds to its uniqueness, allowing for its placement in a variety of settings, both domestic and professional. The medium, in combination with the artwork's dimensions, forms a delicate balance that merges accessibility with sophistication. Lister's illustration of Astro Boy, a well-loved anime superhero character, is central to the charm of this archival print. Yet, this is not just any representation of the famous character. The depiction of Astro Boy soaring through the air is portrayed in an innovative glitch style, a nod towards digital art aesthetics that are currently shaping the contemporary art landscape. This stylistic choice speaks to the impact of technology on art and its interpretation, thereby ensuring the artwork's resonance with a 21st-century audience. The extraordinary fusion of pop art, graffiti, and street art within the piece is another noteworthy feature. These art forms, originally seen as subversive and countercultural, have dramatically transformed the face of the global art scene. Adam Lister's work in this area has particularly stood out, with his unique ability to synthesize different styles and genres to create harmonious, thought-provoking compositions. His Astro Boy archival print acts as a testament to this ability, pushing the boundaries of these art forms and challenging the viewer's perceptions. Furthermore, Lister's use of the archival pigment technique underscores his commitment to preserving the integrity of his artwork. This method ensures that the print retains its vibrancy and detail for an extended period, making it a long-lasting and valuable addition to any art collection. The high-quality pigments, combined with the superb craftsmanship, create a vibrant palette that brings Astro Boy to life, capturing the spirit of the character while rendering it through the prism of contemporary art. In summary, Adam Lister's Astro Boy Archival Print is a striking piece that encapsulates the dynamism and energy of pop culture, while paying homage to the influential genres of street art and graffiti. By portraying the beloved Astro Boy character in a new light, Lister successfully pushes the boundaries of these art forms and invites viewers to engage with familiar icons in fresh, exciting ways. With its limited availability and unique blend of styles, this piece serves as a remarkable testament to the ongoing evolution of modern art.


Asian Graffiti Street Pop Artwork

Asian Influence and Representation in Street Pop Art and Graffiti

The influence of Asian culture and aesthetics in street pop art and graffiti has been profound and transformative. As these art forms have become more global, integrating Asian elements has led to a diverse visual language that transcends borders and cultural barriers.

Asian Elements in Modern Urban Art

The infusion of Asian elements into modern urban art can be seen in the work of artists who draw inspiration from various Asian cultures. Motifs such as calligraphy, traditional patterns, and iconic symbols from Asian heritage have been reinterpreted and woven into the fabric of street art. These elements bring a rich historical context and a fresh perspective to urban canvases worldwide.

Symbolism and Style in Asian-Inspired Artworks

Asian-inspired artworks often incorporate traditional symbolism and style, reimagined within contemporary issues. Dragons, tigers, and other powerful creatures are common motifs, symbolizing strength and resilience. Calligraphy and script, with their inherent fluidity and grace, are used to convey messages or to adorn spaces with their beauty. Using these traditional symbols within the urban setting creates a dialogue between the old and the new, the East and the West.

Asian Artists in the Street Art Scene

Asian artists have come to the forefront of the street art scene, bringing their cultural heritage and perspectives into their work. Their contributions have not only enriched the diversity of street art but have also provided a platform to share stories and experiences from Asian perspectives. These artists often navigate between respecting tradition and challenging contemporary issues, using their artwork as a form of communication and expression.

Representation and Identity in Asian Street Pop Art

Representation and identity play significant roles in the way Asian themes are portrayed in street pop art and graffiti. These works often reflect the complex identities of Asian communities, exploring themes of diaspora, cultural fusion, and the challenges of preserving cultural heritage in a rapidly globalizing world. Street art becomes a means to assert identity and celebrate the diversity of Asian cultures in public spaces.

Cultural Exchange and Collaboration

The world of street pop art and graffiti is also marked by cultural exchange and collaboration, with Asian and non-Asian artists working together to create pieces that are a confluence of styles and ideas. This collaborative approach not only enhances the artistic process but also fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultural aesthetics and narratives. The presence of Asian themes in street pop art and graffiti is a testament to the universal language of art. It showcases how traditional Asian aesthetics can be transformed and given new life in the contemporary art scene, resonating with audiences worldwide. As street art continues to evolve, the Asian influence remains a vibrant and integral part of the movement, contributing to the rich tapestry of urban expression.
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