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  • Baccarat Black 200% Be@rbrick Crystal Glass Art Toy by Medicom Baccarat Black 200% Be@rbrick Crystal Glass Art Toy by Medicom

    Baccarat Baccarat Black 200% Be@rbrick Crystal Glass Art Toy by Medicom

    Purchase Baccarat Black 200% Be@rbrick Crystal Glass Art Toy by Medicom Designer Luxury Limited Edition Artwork Collectable Art Figure. 2021 Baccarat x Bearbrick Medicom Black Glass Crystal Art Toy Collectible Size 200% New In Box.  Kawaii is invading planet Baccarat! Baccarat and Medicom Toy Collaboration The Baccarat Black 200% Be@rbrick stands as a hallmark of the innovative partnership between Baccarat's legacy in crystal manufacturing and Medicom Toy's influence in the collectible toy industry. This 2021 release symbolizes a crossover between high-end luxury and urban pop culture, tailored for collectors and enthusiasts of both realms. Design and Craftsmanship Showcasing the essence of luxury in a playful form, Be@rbrick's transformation by Baccarat highlights the meticulous craftsmanship of French crystal making. The dimensions and handcrafted quality of the piece reflect Baccarat's dedication to excellence, blending the toy's familiar silhouette with the luxury of lead crystal. Artistic Significance The artistic journey of the Be@rbrick through Baccarat's interpretation places it at the core of Street Pop Art. This piece embodies the movement's ethos, marrying the accessibility and charm of street art with the grandeur of luxury artisanship. The Be@rbrick's Journey into Luxury Elevating a pop culture symbol to a luxurious objet d'art, the Be@rbrick by Baccarat encapsulates the adventurous spirit of this collaborative venture. The black crystal bear, iconic in its form, now ventures into a new realm, challenging perceptions of luxury and street art. Collectability and Exclusivity The limited edition nature of the Baccarat Black 200% Be@rbrick positions it as a coveted item for collectors. It captures the essence of contemporary luxury and design and serves as a bridge between the traditionally separate worlds of fine art collectibles and designer toys. Cultural Impact This collectible is more than an item of aesthetic and material value; it represents a cultural shift, a fusion where luxury meets street pop art. The Baccarat Be@rbrick symbolizes this evolving art form, a collectible that resonates with diverse audiences and settings. In this piece, Baccarat and Medicom Toy have created more than an art toy; they have crafted a cultural icon at the vanguard of Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork.


  • Baccarat Clear 200% Be@rbrick Crystal Glass Art Toy by Medicom Baccarat Clear 200% Be@rbrick Crystal Glass Art Toy by Medicom

    Baccarat Baccarat Clear 200% Be@rbrick Crystal Glass Art Toy by Medicom

    Purchase Baccarat Clear 200% Be@rbrick Crystal Glass Art Toy by Medicom Designer Luxury Limited Edition Artwork Collectable Art Figure. 2021 Baccarat x Bearbrick Medicom Clear Glass Crystal Art Toy Collectible Size 200% New In Box. Kawaii is invading planet Baccarat! Fusion of Craftsmanship and Pop Culture The 2021 Baccarat Clear 200% Be@rbrick represents a unique intersection between traditional French crystal artisanship and modern pop culture aesthetics. This piece is a tangible celebration of a crossover between the old-world luxury of Baccarat, the iconic French crystal maker, and the contemporary creative expression of Medicom Toy, a leading Japanese figure in the designer toy market. Artistic Interpretation and Design Baccarat's foray into collectible art toys with the clear crystal Be@rbrick showcases the brand's versatility in embracing modern design movements while staying true to its heritage of exquisite craftsmanship. Handcrafted in France, this transparent lead crystal figurine encapsulates the essence of the Be@rbrick, maintaining the beloved bear shape while reflecting a new light within its clear, pristine form. The Be@rbrick in the World of Street Pop Art By adopting the form of a bear—a symbol often associated with warmth and comfort—Baccarat's clear Be@rbrick transcends its playful origins to become a sophisticated art piece. It stands as an object at the forefront of Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork, a domain where the whimsical and the refined coexist harmoniously.  Limited Edition Luxury Collectible As a limited edition release, the clear crystal Be@rbrick by Baccarat is not merely a toy but a collector's gem. Its creation in 2021 marks a moment in art and design where boundaries between different forms of expression are increasingly blurred, and collectibles like this have become valuable assets in the art market. Cultural and Aesthetic Appeal The clear crystal Be@rbrick by Baccarat is more than a merger of luxury and street art—it is a statement about the evolving nature of art and collectibles in the modern age. It is a testament to the changing tides in art consumption and appreciation, where pieces once deemed informal or non-traditional are now celebrated and coveted in high-end circles. This clear Be@rbrick symbolizes adaptability and creativity, a piece that stands as a beacon of innovation in Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork, capturing the essence of a generation that reveres both the past's craftsmanship and the present's artistic freedom.


  • Crystal Be@rbrick Gold Leaf Original Drawing Painting by MMont Crystal Be@rbrick Gold Leaf Original Drawing Painting by MMont

    MMont Crystal Be@rbrick Gold Leaf Original Drawing Painting by MMont

    Purchase Crystal Bearbrick Art Graphite on Paper Layered Over Gold Leaf on Matboard Artwork by Street Pop Culture Artist MMont. 2021 Signed Original Mixed Media Gold Leaf Graphite Drawing Painting Framed Artwork Size 9x12 Crystal Bearbrick by MMont     Graphite on paper, layered over gold leaf on mat board     Still life drawing of Baccarat/Bearbrick collaboration     9"x12" framed     From: Chicago


Baccarat - Sprayed Paint Art Collection
Baccarat is not typically associated with a single artist, but rather with a renowned French crystal manufacturer that bears the same name. Founded in 1764 in Baccarat, France, the company has been renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious designs for over two centuries. Over the years, many renowned artists, designers, and architects have collaborated with Baccarat to create some of the most stunning crystal pieces in the world. One of the most famous collaborations with Baccarat is with the French designer Philippe Starck, who has created several collections for the brand since the 1990s. Starck's designs for Baccarat are often characterized by a bold, modern aesthetic that combines clean lines and simple shapes with the brand's signature crystal work. One of Starck's most iconic designs for Baccarat is the Marie Coquine chandelier, which features a central column of clear crystal prisms suspended from a polished stainless steel frame. Another notable collaboration with Baccarat is with the British architect and designer Norman Foster. Foster designed a limited edition collection of crystal pieces for Baccarat in 2004, which included vases, glasses, and a stunning crystal cube. Foster's designs for Baccarat are characterized by their sleek, minimalist style, which showcases the beauty of the crystal without overwhelming it. Other notable artists who have worked with Baccarat include Arik Levy, Jaime Hayon, and Marcel Wanders. Levy's designs for Baccarat often play with the perception of light and shadow, using crystal to create intricate patterns that change depending on the angle of the light. Hayon's designs for Baccarat are characterized by their whimsical, playful style, which often incorporates bright colors and bold shapes. Wanders' designs for Baccarat often feature intricate, baroque-inspired patterns that showcase the brand's mastery of traditional crystal cutting techniques. Overall, Baccarat is a brand that has long been associated with luxury, craftsmanship, and innovation in the world of crystal design. Through its collaborations with some of the world's most talented designers and artists, the brand has continued to push the boundaries of what is possible with crystal, creating pieces that are both beautiful and functional, and that showcase the timeless appeal of this precious material.
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