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  • Shadowplay Silkscreen Print by Baghead

    Baghead Shadowplay Silkscreen Print by Baghead

    Shadowplay Hand-Pulled 2-Color Silkscreen Print on Mohawk Superfine UltraWhite Paper by Pop Graffiti Artist Baghead Rare Street Art Limited Edition Artwork. 2019 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 50 Size 20x24


Baghead - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

Baghead is a graffiti artist known for his distinct style and work in the street art scene. The name "Baghead" may be derived from the artist's penchant for wearing a bag over his head to conceal his identity, a common practice among graffiti artists to avoid legal trouble and maintain anonymity. Baghead's art often features bright, bold colors, and imaginative characters that are both engaging and thought-provoking. His work can be found on walls, buildings, and other public spaces in various cities around the world. While not much is known about the artist's personal life, Baghead has gained a following for his unique approach to street art and his ability to communicate powerful messages through his work.

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