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Bei Badgirl is a contemporary artist hailing from Sydney, Australia, whose distinct style blends together pop art and Japanese anime influences. Her works often feature bright, bold colors, intricate line work, and whimsical characters, creating a dreamlike world that draws the viewer in. Badgirl initially gained recognition through her street art and murals, with her playful and intricate designs adorning walls across Sydney and beyond. Her murals often feature larger-than-life versions of her signature characters, which have become instantly recognizable to her fans. In recent years, Badgirl has expanded her practice to include fine art, with her works now exhibited in galleries around the world. Her paintings and drawings retain the vibrant energy of her street art, while also showcasing a more refined and intricate level of detail. One of the recurring themes in Badgirl's work is the celebration of female empowerment and sexuality. Her characters often take on playful and provocative poses, exuding confidence and a sense of liberation. Badgirl has spoken publicly about her desire to challenge traditional societal norms around gender and sexuality, and her art serves as a bold and colorful representation of that vision. Badgirl's work has been featured in numerous publications, including Vogue, Elle, and Juxtapoz, and she has collaborated with a range of brands and organizations, including Nike, Puma, and the Sydney Opera House. Despite her success, Badgirl remains committed to using her art to uplift and inspire others, particularly young women, and to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the art world.

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