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Ben Tour is a contemporary artist known for his expressive and evocative paintings, illustrations, and mixed media works. Born in 1977 in Toronto, Canada, he earned a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2000. Tour's artwork is characterized by his unique style, which combines elements of street art, portraiture, and abstract expressionism. His work often features bold color combinations and energetic brushstrokes, creating a raw and powerful visual impact. Tour's subjects range from human figures to animals, often portrayed with a sense of tension or emotion. His exploration of the human experience and vulnerability is a recurring theme in his work, which has garnered attention and admiration from collectors and art enthusiasts around the world. In addition to his fine art practice, Ben Tour has also worked as an illustrator and has collaborated with various brands and publications. His art has been exhibited in numerous galleries and art fairs across North America and Europe. As an artist, Ben Tour has been praised for his unique voice and the emotional intensity of his work. His distinctive style continues to evolve, making him an important figure in the contemporary art scene.

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