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  • La Cage Entre L'ombre et la Lumière Turquoise Silkscreen Print by Sandra Chevrier

    Sandra Chevrier La Cage Entre L'ombre et la Lumière Turquoise Silkscreen Print by Sandra Chevrier

    La Cage Entre L'ombre et la Lumière Turquoise Silkscreen Print by Sandra Chevrier Hand-Pulled 25-Color Brass White Gold Leaf on MEDIUM Limited Edition Pop Street Art Artwork. 2022 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 30 Artwork Size 27.5x27.5 25 Colour Screen Print On 330 Somerset paper bronze, white gold leaf & 24ct gold leaf added. Edition of 30 Signed By The Artist 70 x 70 cm 2022 La Cage Entre L'ombre et la Lumière (Turquoise), 2022 Screenprint in colors on somerset satin paper 27-1/2 x 27-1/2 inches (69.9 x 69.9 cm) (sheet) Ed. 30 Signed and numbered in pencil along lower edge Published by Graffiti Prints, UK La Cage Entre L'ombre et la Lumière Turquoise is a silkscreen print by contemporary Canadian artist Sandra Chevrier. Sandra is well-known for her mixed-media art, which often combines painting and collage techniques to create striking, large-scale portraits of women. In her "Cages" series, she explores the concept of societal expectations placed upon women, symbolically portraying them as being trapped within cages. The cages are typically represented by superhero comic book imagery, illustrating how women are often expected to be strong and perfect in every aspect of their lives. By incorporating these comic book elements, Chevrier highlights the unrealistic and unattainable expectations that many women face daily. "La Cage Entre L'ombre et la Lumière Turquoise" is part of this series and features a portrait of a woman with a superhero mask and comic book elements overlaid onto her face. The title translates to "The Cage Between the Shadow and the Turquoise Light," emphasizing the juxtaposition between the darker aspects of societal expectations and the light of personal freedom and expression. As a silkscreen print, this piece is created using a stencil-based printmaking technique. In this method, a stencil (often made of a fine mesh) is used to selectively apply ink onto a surface. The result is a highly detailed, vibrant, and visually striking piece of art that showcases Chevrier's unique artistic style and powerful social commentary.


Captain America is a popular subject in graffiti street pop art. The character's iconic red, white, and blue costume and shield lend themselves well to bold, eye-catching designs. One common approach to incorporating Captain America into graffiti street pop art is to use his shield as a central design element. The shield can be stylized with bright colors and bold lines, and can be placed in a variety of settings, such as on a brick wall or in a cityscape. Another popular approach is to depict Captain America himself in a dynamic pose, such as throwing his shield or punching an enemy. These images can be accompanied by bold lettering, such as the words "Captain America" or "Avengers," which add to the overall impact of the artwork. Graffiti street pop art featuring Captain America can also incorporate other elements from the comic book or movie franchise, such as the iconic "A" logo of the Avengers or the red, white, and blue color scheme of Captain America's uniform.  Captain America is a versatile subject for graffiti street pop art, offering artists the opportunity to create bold, dynamic designs that capture the character's patriotic spirit and heroic qualities.

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