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    Ceet Ceet Black Spray Paint Can Artwork by Montana MTN

    Ceet- Black Limited Edition Rare Spray Paint Can Artwork Crossover by famous graffiti paint maker Montana MTN. CEET hens try to describe, in essence, the emotions and personality of human beings. Through a colorful and fun approach, he criticizes modern society by referring to “followers” as those individuals who are afraid to define their own path and thus act like hens!When CEET landed in overcrowded China, it felt like one of those chickens among the masses


Ceet - Sprayed Paint Art Collection
Ceet Fouad is a graffiti artist born in Algeria in 1971, but who has been based in France since the 1980s. He began his artistic career as a graffiti artist in the early 1980s, tagging trains and walls around Paris with his signature "CEET" tag. He quickly became known for his bold, colorful style and his use of cartoon characters and lettering in his work. Over the years, Ceet has honed his craft, developing a unique style that incorporates elements of graffiti, street art, and cartoon illustration. He has created murals and installations all over the world, from Paris to Tokyo to New York City, and his work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the globe. Ceet's style is characterized by its vibrant colors, bold lines, and playful imagery. His work often features cartoon characters and other playful figures, rendered in a dynamic, high-energy style. He is also known for his use of text, incorporating words and phrases into his designs to create a sense of narrative or commentary. One of Ceet's most notable contributions to the world of street art is his use of 3D lettering. He began experimenting with this technique in the early 1990s, using shadows and perspective to create the illusion that his letters were popping off the wall. This technique has since become a staple of street art and graffiti, and many other artists have been inspired by Ceet's pioneering work in this area. Despite his success as a street artist and graffiti writer, Ceet has always been committed to creating work that is accessible and engaging to a broad audience. He has worked on numerous community-based projects, collaborating with schools, community centers, and other organizations to create murals and installations that reflect the local culture and history. Overall, Ceet Fouad is a highly influential figure in the world of street art and graffiti, known for his playful, energetic style and his commitment to making art that is accessible and engaging to everyone.

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