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  • Beach House Giclee Print by Chase Mullen

    Chase Mullen Beach House Giclee Print by Chase Mullen

    Purchase Beach House Pop Street Artwork Limited Edition Giclee Print on 100lb French Coldpressed Paper by Urban Graffiti Modern Artist Chase Mullen. Signed 2021 Edition of 30 16 x 20 inches Fine-art Giclée print on French cold-press watercolor paper Hand-deckled edges Signed & numbered


Chase Mullen is an American artist known for his intricate and highly detailed illustrations of wildlife, especially reptiles and amphibians, as well as flora and fauna. His artwork often features a combination of lifelike depictions and fantastical elements, creating a unique aesthetic that captures the imagination of viewers. Mullen's work primarily uses traditional media, such as watercolors, ink, and acrylics, to achieve rich colors and textures. Chase Mullen has garnered attention for his artistic skills and the captivating subjects he chooses to depict. His art is popular among collectors and enthusiasts, and he has been featured in various exhibitions and galleries.
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