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  • Puck Little Painter Wild Berry Art Toy by Chris Dokebi

    Chris Dokebi Puck Little Painter Wild Berry Art Toy by Chris Dokebi

    Puck Little Painter- Wild Berry Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Chris Dokebi. 2021 New In Package Dokebi, or dokkaebi, are mischievous goblins from Korean folklore and can often be found playing pranks on humans. Limited to 150pcs, Soft Vinyl/PVC, 13cm (5.11 in) "Puck Little Painter - Wild Berry Limited Edition" is an alluring vinyl art toy collectible. This creation is deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Korean folklore while resonating with the global language of street pop art and graffiti artwork. Crafted by Chris Dokebi, an artist renowned for his vibrant street graffiti art, this piece was released in 2021. It presents a fresh take on the traditional Dokebi, mischievous goblins known for their playful antics in Korean tales. This figure, limited to just 150 pieces, stands at 13cm (5.11 inches) and is fashioned from soft vinyl/PVC, a material choice that underscores the toy's urban art heritage. The Wild Berry edition of Puck, the Little Painter, is characterized by its striking pink hues, an ode to the wild berries after which it is named. With its exuberant colors and edgy design, the toy depicts a Dokebi holding a spray can, ready to imbue the world with its artistic mischief. The design of Puck bridges the mythical and the contemporary, illustrating the Dokebi in a context that speaks volumes to enthusiasts of street art. The figure's attire and accessories are unmistakably modern, yet its horns and mischievous grin reveal the creature's legendary origins. This juxtaposition creates a dialogue between the old and the new, the folklore and the street, encapsulating a sense of cultural duality. Chris Dokebi's "Puck Little Painter - Wild Berry Limited Edition" is more than a collectible; it is an artistic statement that marries the rebellious spirit of street art with the narrative depth of folklore. Each piece serves not only as a visual spectacle but also as a cultural artifact that embodies the playful essence of the Dokebi, reimagined through the lens of modern pop art aesthetics. It is a vibrant example of how traditional stories can be transformed into contemporary art, engaging with a new generation of art lovers and collectors.


Chris Dokebi - Sprayed Paint Art Collection
Art Toy Chris Dokebi is a unique and highly sought-after collectible toy designed by the Korean artist, Juce Gace. The name "Dokebi" comes from Korean folklore, which describes a mischievous and supernatural creature that plays tricks on humans. The Art Toy Chris Dokebi is a colorful, highly-detailed figure that stands at about 7 inches tall. It is made of high-quality vinyl and features multiple points of articulation, allowing for a wide range of dynamic poses. The figure is highly customizable, with interchangeable heads and hands that allow collectors to create unique and personalized versions of the character. The design of Art Toy Chris Dokebi is heavily influenced by Korean pop culture, with bright colors, bold patterns, and intricate detailing. The figure's clothing and accessories draw from traditional Korean styles, such as the hanbok and the gat hat. The character's mischievous personality is conveyed through its playful expression and its various accessories, such as the slingshot and the pack of cigarettes. The Art Toy Chris Dokebi has gained a cult following among collectors of designer toys and fans of Korean pop culture. Its limited production runs and highly collectible nature have made it a highly coveted item, with some versions of the figure selling for thousands of dollars on the secondary market. In addition to the physical figure, Juce Gace has also created a comic book series featuring the character, which expands on the world of the Dokebi and their interactions with humans. The comic book series has further solidified the character's popularity among fans and collectors. Overall, Art Toy Chris Dokebi is a visually stunning and highly collectible piece of art that showcases the unique blend of Korean folklore and pop culture that has captivated audiences around the world.

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