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  • Phantom Surfers Jan 24th 1997 The Trocadero Silkscreen Print by Coop

    Coop Phantom Surfers Jan 24th 1997 The Trocadero Silkscreen Print by Coop

    Phantom Surfers - Jan. 24th, 1997 at The Trocadero Limited Edition 8-Color Hand-Pulled Silkscreen Print on Fine Art Paper by Coop Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. Phantom Surfers Jan 24th 1997 The Trocadero Silkscreen Print by Coop Coop, real name Chris Cooper, is a hot rod artist working from Los Angeles. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1968, and describes his occupation as "Insensitive Artiste". His work consists primarily of barely clothed Bettie Page-style 1950s soft pornography and/or B-movie monsters, with the female characters often taking the role of "Devil-Women". The image most often associated with his work is however slightly more tame: the face of a grinning devil with a smoking cigar clamped in its teeth.


Coop - Sprayed Paint Art Collection
Coop, also known as Chris Cooper, is a graffiti artist and illustrator who rose to fame in the 1990s for his unique style and distinct imagery. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1968, Coop became interested in graffiti and street art during his teenage years, eventually honing his skills in Los Angeles. Coop's style is heavily influenced by the imagery of vintage pin-up girls, classic horror movies, and rock 'n' roll culture. He often incorporates these elements into his graffiti pieces and illustrations, creating bold and eye-catching works of art. His work has been described as "darkly humorous" and "sensual," with a distinctly rebellious edge. One of Coop's most famous works is the "Devil Girl" image, which features a devilish pin-up girl with a cigarette in her mouth and a pitchfork in her hand. This image has become a staple of Coop's work and is instantly recognizable to his fans. Coop's art has been featured in galleries around the world, and he has collaborated with numerous brands and musicians, including the rock band Korn and the clothing company Vans. He has also published several books of his artwork, including "Devil in the Details" and "Idle Hands." Despite the commercial success of his work, Coop has remained true to his roots in graffiti and street art, continuing to create murals and other public works. He has also been an advocate for the legitimacy of graffiti as an art form and has spoken out against its criminalization. Overall, Coop's impact on the world of graffiti and street art is undeniable. His unique style and imagery have inspired countless artists, and his dedication to the art form has helped to elevate it to a legitimate form of expression.
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