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David Choe (born April 21, 1976) is an American painter, muralist, graffiti artist, and graphic novelist. Born in Los Angeles, Choe is known for his unique style that combines elements of street art, pop culture, and fine art. His work has been featured in galleries and museums worldwide, as well as on the streets and in various forms of media. Choe gained widespread attention in 2007 when he painted a mural inside Facebook's first office, a commission by then-president Sean Parker. Instead of accepting cash payment, Choe opted for shares in the company. When Facebook went public in 2012, the value of those shares skyrocketed, making Choe a multimillionaire overnight. Choe has a diverse artistic background that spans various media and styles, including illustration, comics, watercolor, and graffiti. His works often incorporate themes of desire, degradation, and exaltation, and they are known for their raw energy and provocative nature. In addition to his work as a visual artist, Choe has also delved into other creative ventures. He co-hosted "DVDASA," a podcast with adult film star Asa Akira, which ran from 2013 to 2014. He has also created murals for high-profile clients, such as the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and appeared as a guest on various television shows and documentaries. David Choe's career began in the late 1990s when he started gaining recognition for his distinctive murals and street art, which featured a blend of graphic, figurative, and abstract elements. His work often explores themes of identity, sexuality, and the human psyche. Choe's artistic style is marked by a vivid color palette, energetic brushstrokes, and a chaotic, expressive approach. He has been known to use unconventional materials in his artwork, such as blood, soy sauce, or dirt, further contributing to his reputation as a provocative and daring artist. Choe's background in graffiti and street art, as well as his formal art education, have resulted in a unique fusion of styles that is difficult to categorize. As an illustrator, Choe has produced work for various publications, including The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Vice. His graphic novel, "Slow Jams," was published in 1999 and received the prestigious Xeric Grant, which is awarded to comic book self-publishers. In the documentary world, Choe was the subject of a film titled "Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe" (2008), directed by Harry Kim. The documentary chronicles the artist's life and career over a seven-year period, showcasing his artwork, legal troubles, and personal life. David Choe's art has garnered him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. Despite his controversial persona, Choe remains an influential figure in contemporary art, demonstrating the power of self-expression and pushing the boundaries of artistic convention.

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