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  • Breathe Right Original Oil Painting by David Molesky

    David Molesky Breathe Right Original Oil Painting by David Molesky

    Breathe Right Original Painting Oil On Linen w/ Custom Walnut Frame by David Molesky Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. 2014 Signed & Custom Framed Original Oil Painting Artwork Size 24x20 "This painting is from my series of paintings based on media images of the revolution in Kiev. Its the largest of the eight paintings so far and the one that I spent the most time on. I feel like the figure captures the energy that originally drew me into the subject matter. The paintings of this series are a departure from my earlier figurative painting. For the last decade or so I had tried to depict universal time and avoided man-made objects. I’ve dropped that dogma. I love that the subject is current, and also contains elements that seem from another era." - David Molesky


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David Molesky's Influence on Street Pop Art & Graffiti Artwork

David Molesky is a name that resonates with depth and dynamism within the spheres of Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork. His trajectory as an artist has seen a remarkable evolution, with his works encapsulating the raw energy of street culture while imbuing it with a distinct finesse that transcends the traditional boundaries of pop art. Molesky's artistry is not confined to conventional gallery spaces but spills over into the urban landscape, echoing the voices and vibrancy of the streets. The hallmark of Molesky's approach to art is his engagement with contemporary issues through a lens that is at once critical and compassionate. His pieces often reflect a profound understanding of societal dynamics, capturing the zeitgeist with a visual language that is compelling and thought-provoking. The textures, colors, and forms that Molesky employs are reminiscent of the classic graffiti art style. Yet, they carry a narrative depth and an aesthetic sophistication that elevate them to the realm of fine art.

Exploring the Artistic Range of David Molesky

Molesky's work is distinguished by its versatility and ability to converse with a diverse audience. His paintings often incorporate elements emblematic of graffiti culture, such as bold letterings and symbolic figures stapled in street art. Yet, there is an undeniable polish to his compositions, a careful orchestration of elements that speaks to the meticulousness of his process. This duality makes Molesky's work stand out in the crowded field of modern art, bridging the gap between street art's spontaneous, temporary nature and gallery art's enduring, curated experience. In exploring the subject matter, Molesky does not shy away from the gritty or the controversial; instead, he embraces it, using his canvas to reflect on the complexities of urban life and its human experiences. His works are often imbued with a sense of movement and urgency, reflecting the bustling energy that characterizes the urban environments from which he draws inspiration. Yet, within this movement, there is a clarity of vision, a deliberate intention that guides his artistic expression. The significance of Molesky's contribution to Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork cannot be overstated. He is not merely an observer of the cultural milieu but an active participant, shaping the conversation through his visual contributions. His works challenge the viewer, provoke dialogue, and encourage a deeper engagement with the world around us. Through his art, Molesky asks us to see beyond the surface, appreciate the beauty in the chaos, and find meaning in the layers of paint and the stories they tell. David Molesky's art bridges the ephemeral and the eternal, a narrative woven from the threads of contemporary life and historical context. As an artist, he continues to push the boundaries of street art, blending it with pop art sensibilities to create something wholly unique and entirely compelling. His contributions to the field have solidified his place as a significant figure in modern art, and his works continue to inspire and resonate with a global audience.
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