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  • City as Canvas Silkscreen Print by Crash John Matos x DAZE Chris Ellis

    Crash- John Matos City as Canvas Silkscreen Print by Crash John Matos x DAZE Chris Ellis

    City as Canvas Silkscreen Print by Crash- John Matos x DAZE- Chris Ellis Silkscreen Hand-Pulled Screen on 320gsm Coventry Rag Paper Mural Pop Street Art Artwork. 2022 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 199 Artwork Size 48x17 Hand Deckled "City as Canvas" is an intriguing silkscreen print by the collaborative duo of John Matos, aka Crash, and Daze. This 2022 artwork, hand-pulled on 320gsm Coventry Rag Paper, is a testament to the ongoing dialogue between street art and the broader visual culture. The paper's hand-deckled edges contribute to the individuality of each print, ensuring that while part of a limited edition series of 199, no two are exactly alike. The dimensions, with an image size of 11 by 42 inches and a paper size of 17 by 48 inches, make this a commanding piece of art. Both Crash and Daze are renowned for their contributions to graffiti and Street Pop Art, pioneering figures who have helped bridge the gap between illicit street art and established fine art. Their work often encapsulates urban life's vibrancy, chaos, and creativity, using the city itself as their canvas and inspiration. "City as Canvas" is a continuation of this theme, where the complexity and energy of urban environments are distilled into a single, yet expansive, image. The print, produced by the respected Gary Lichtenstein Editions and distributed by WCC Editions, boasts a spectrum of colors and forms that evoke the layers of graffiti on city walls. Each element within the composition tells a part of the urban story, from the omnipresent watchful eyes to the architectural structures that seem to rise from the streets themselves. This collaboration between Crash and Daze is not just merging their distinct styles but also a conversation between their interpretations of city life and street culture. The artists have signed and numbered each print in pencil, providing a personal touch that connects the collector directly to their creative process. This series also includes artist and foundation proofs, adding to the exclusivity and collectible nature of the artwork. The Certificate of Authenticity accompanying each piece further asserts the print's legitimacy and the buyer's ownership of a slice of street art history. This work's mural origins date back to 2013, capturing a moment in time within the ever-evolving landscape of street art. By translating the mural into a silkscreen print, Crash, and Daze have allowed the transient nature of street art to be preserved and appreciated within a new context. The transition from a public mural to a limited edition print underscores the importance of street art within the continuum of art history, highlighting its influence and the increasing recognition of its value. The collaborative print "City as Canvas" by Crash and Daze is emblematic of Street Pop Art, showcasing the transformation of public spaces into sites of artistic expression and commentary. The piece embodies the essence of the streets, where every wall, every corner, and every surface becomes a potential canvas, reflecting the pulse of the city and the artists who draw inspiration from its ceaseless dynamism.


DAZE- Chris Ellis
Chris "Daze" Ellis, an instrumental figure in the evolution of street art, graffiti, and pop art, emerged from the vibrant New York City art scene of the 1970s and 1980s. His work is often viewed through the lens of these genres, reflecting the dynamic cultural and social shifts of the era. His artistic journey began in earnest with tagging subway cars in the Bronx, leading to an artistic career that has spanned over four decades and counting. Graffiti, once considered an act of rebellion or vandalism, has been significantly influenced by Daze's groundbreaking work. He was part of the second wave of graffiti artists, or "writers," in New York City, who began to treat city walls and subway cars as canvases for elaborate, colourful designs and stylized lettering. Daze's unique style incorporated elements of pop art, such as the use of bold, vibrant colors and the incorporation of iconic cultural symbols. His unique blend of styles helped to elevate graffiti from an underground subculture to a recognized and respected form of public art. Daze's work not only encapsulates the edgy, energetic ethos of the era in which it was created, but it also has profound contemporary resonance. He began transitioning from the subway to the gallery in the early 1980s, a transition that was both a personal evolution and a pivotal moment in the perception of graffiti art. His works have since been exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands. In addition to his artistic pursuits, Daze has also been a mentor and role model for younger artists, consistently advocating for the recognition and respect of street art within the broader art community. Through his efforts, Daze has played a significant role in shaping the narrative and perception of street art and graffiti, pushing it from the margins of society into the mainstream consciousness. One of the hallmarks of Daze's style is his ability to capture and convey the complexities and contradictions of urban life. His work often depicts bustling cityscapes, diverse characters, and scenes of daily life, illustrating the vibrancy and vitality of the urban environment. This is seen in his large-scale murals, which often depict scenes of urban life in both abstract and realistic ways, a combination that creates a sense of dynamism and immediacy. Chris "Daze" Ellis is an influential figure in the world of pop art, street art, and graffiti. His unique style, along with his commitment to the recognition and respect of graffiti art, have made a lasting impact on these genres. As an artist, mentor, and advocate, Daze has helped to shape the course of street art history, proving that graffiti can be a powerful medium for expression and communication.
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