Designer Fashion

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  • Fantaisie Silkscreen Print by Faile

    Fantaisie Silkscreen Print by Faile

    Purchase Fantaisie Limited Edition Archival Pigment Fine Art Prints Archival Ink on Entrada 290gsm Cotton Rag Paper by Graffiti Street Art and Pop Culture Artist Faile. A print of another painting from our Off The Walls show in Paris. Much like the Kool Living print, Fantaisie (Fantasy with a French twist) is a luscious archival pigment ink on a heavyweight archival matte art paper, that captures all the detail of the canvas and painted love. - Faile Fantaisie Print, 24 x 30 inches, Archival Ink on Entrada 290gsm Cotton Rag, Embossed, Signed and Numbered FAILE 2021


  • Sale -10% Air Yeezy 2 Red October Original Acrylic Painting by Eric Pagsanjan

    Air Yeezy 2 Red October Original Acrylic Painting by Eric Pagsanjan

    Purchase Air Yeezy 2- Red October Original One of a Kind Acrylic Paint Painting Artwork on Stretched Canvas Panel by Popular Street Graffiti Artist Eric Pagsanjan. 2019 Signed Acrylic on Stretched Canvas Panel Size: 24" x 18" x 0.75" Nike Air Jordan x Adidas Yeezy "I hold respect and admiration for artists that create their own apparel. I’m a huge sneaker fan, and my personal collection is ever-growing. Combining my love for sneakers, the designers who make them, and comic-book style superheroes, I created a series of portraits dedicated to the designers that I consider to be incredible. To me, they are superheroes. They are ‘SneakerHeroes.’" -Eric Pagsanjan


  • Sale -8% French Arrogance Silkscreen Print by 123Klan

    French Arrogance Silkscreen Print by 123Klan

    Purchase French Arrogance Silkscreen Print by 123Klan Hand-Pulled 3-Color on 80lb Speckletone True White Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Art Artwork. 2016 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 75 Artwork Size 24x36 Silkscreen Print "French Arrogance" is a silkscreen print created by 123Klan, a French street art collective founded in 1992 by Scien and Klor. The collective is known for its fusion of graffiti, graphic design, and illustration in their artwork. They often create unique and bold pieces that draw inspiration from various influences such as hip-hop, punk, and pop culture. "French Arrogance" showcases 123Klan's style and attitude, incorporating elements of French culture and the street art scene. The print likely features strong colors, stylized text, and various symbols or icons related to the theme.


Designer Fashion
Designer fashion as a topic in graffiti street pop art is an interesting fusion of two seemingly distinct art forms. This concept brings together the world of high fashion and the raw, urban energy of street art, creating an exciting visual and cultural experience. Here are some key ideas to consider when exploring designer fashion in graffiti street pop art: Brand logos and motifs: Incorporating recognizable brand logos and motifs into graffiti street pop art can create striking visual effects. Artists might reimagine these elements in their own unique style, playing with color, form, and texture to create something fresh and dynamic. Fashion icons: Pay homage to fashion icons such as designers, models, and other industry influencers by featuring their portraits or quotes within graffiti street pop art. This can serve as a tribute to those who have shaped the world of fashion and bring a sense of history and personality to the artwork. Social commentary: Graffiti street pop art often contains messages or commentary on social, political, or economic issues. Artists could explore the fashion industry's impact on the environment, labor practices, or consumerism by incorporating these themes into their work. Streetwear and fashion collaboration: Streetwear brands have increasingly collaborated with high fashion designers, blurring the lines between the two worlds. This creates an opportunity for graffiti street pop artists to draw inspiration from these partnerships and create art that reflects this fusion of styles. Visual elements: Incorporating elements of designer fashion, such as patterns, textiles, and silhouettes, into graffiti street pop art can result in intriguing visual compositions. Artists can experiment with combining these elements to create a unique aesthetic that celebrates the beauty and creativity of fashion while maintaining the bold, edgy essence of street art. Fashion shows and events: Use the backdrop of fashion shows, events, and exhibitions as inspiration for graffiti street pop art. This can include capturing the energy, glamour, and spectacle of these events, as well as highlighting specific moments, designs, or collections that resonate with the artist. Style subcultures: Drawing from the rich history of various style subcultures, such as punk, hip-hop, or grunge, artists can create graffiti street pop art that highlights the influence of these movements on designer fashion. This approach can showcase the evolution of fashion and the interconnectedness of different styles. Mash-ups and remixes: Similar to how DJs mix tracks, graffiti street pop artists can "remix" elements of designer fashion by combining them in unconventional and surprising ways. This could involve juxtaposing high fashion with everyday items, blending styles from different time periods or cultures, or reinterpreting classic designs through a contemporary lens. Interactive and experiential art: Graffiti street pop art can be transformed into interactive or experiential installations by incorporating elements of designer fashion. This might include creating immersive environments, allowing viewers to become a part of the artwork or using technology to enhance the sensory experience. Artistic collaboration: Encouraging collaborations between graffiti street pop artists and fashion designers can lead to innovative and unexpected results. These partnerships can push the boundaries of both art forms, resulting in unique pieces that combine the best of both worlds. Collaborative projects might include designing limited-edition clothing or accessories, creating joint exhibitions, or developing public art installations. By exploring designer fashion as a topic in graffiti street pop art, artists can challenge traditional boundaries and spark conversations about the relationship between high fashion and street culture. This fusion of styles creates an opportunity for artists to express their creativity and make bold statements, while also celebrating the beauty, innovation, and influence of designer fashion. As graffiti street pop art continues to evolve, incorporating elements of designer fashion into its visual language can result in a vibrant and exciting artistic movement that reflects the ever-changing landscape of fashion and contemporary art.
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