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  • Dr. Revolt and Zephyr Archival Print by Ricky Powell Dr. Revolt and Zephyr Archival Print by Ricky Powell

    Ricky Powell Dr. Revolt and Zephyr Archival Print by Ricky Powell

    Purchase Dr. Revolt and Zephyr Limited Edition Photo Archival Pigment Prints on Fine Art Paper by Ricky Powell Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. 2020 Signed Numbered & Titled by Ricky Powell's Hand Limited Edition of 75 Artwork Size 20x15 Photo Archival Pigment Print. Includes COA Signed 2nd Time by Powell. Dr. Revolt and Zephyr Archival Print by Ricky Powell is a high-quality print featuring the work of the late, legendary street photographer Ricky Powell. Known for his candid and iconic images of the New York City street scene, celebrities, and the hip-hop community, Powell's work has been celebrated and exhibited worldwide. This particular archival print captures Dr. Revolt and Zephyr, two influential graffiti artists who were active during the 1980s and 1990s. Dr. Revolt (real name Victor Ving) was a member of the famous graffiti crew Rolling Thunder Writers (RTW) and is known for his intricate lettering and illustrations. Zephyr (real name Andrew Witten) is also a pioneering graffiti artist who contributed to the growth and popularity of graffiti as an art form. By producing an archival print of this photograph, the artist's legacy and the cultural significance of the street art movement are preserved for future generations. Archival prints are made using high-quality inks and paper to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of the artwork, making them an excellent choice for art collectors and enthusiasts. The Dr. Revolt and Zephyr Archival Print by Ricky Powell is an important piece of art history that celebrates the groundbreaking work of these two artists and the impact they had on street art and graffiti culture.


Dr Revolt
Emerging from the gritty subways and buzzing streets of New York City in the 1970s, Dr Revolt became a notable figure in the world of street art, making significant contributions to the graffiti art movement. As an original member of the legendary Rock Steady Crew, his work is synonymous with the authentic old-school graffiti style that came to define an era of urban expressionism. Dr Revolt's artistry is characterized by its distinctive lettering style, vivid color palettes, and cultural resonance, elements that solidify his status as an influential figure in pop and street art. Dr Revolt's journey in the world of art took form on the canvases of city walls and subway trains, where his signature tags and vibrant murals captured the essence of New York City's hip-hop culture. His pieces often featured cartoon characters, stylized logos, and an array of symbols that communicated with a youthful, rebellious energy that was as much about personal expression as it was about public declaration. This period was marked by a burgeoning community of artists who used graffiti as a means of reclaiming spaces and creating visual dialogues that reflected the city's diverse communities. What set Dr Revolt apart in the crowded landscape of graffiti artists was his innovative approach to typography. His work pushed beyond the boundaries of traditional graffiti tags, incorporating elements of wildstyle, a complex, interlocking type of graffiti lettering with arrows, spikes, curves and intertwining letters, which requires a high level of skill to create. His mastery over this form made his artwork stand out, often becoming the centerpieces of larger murals and an inspiration for future generations of street artists. As street art began to gain recognition in the art world, Dr Revolt's influence extended beyond the streets. His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world, highlighting the transition of street art from an underground movement to a respected art form. His contributions to the culture are also documented in various films and books, which detail the history and development of graffiti as an art movement. Dr Revolt's legacy continues to be celebrated for capturing the rebellious spirit and energy of a pivotal time in New York City's cultural history. While some street artists' work fades with the changing cityscape, Dr Revolt's creations have endured, both on the streets and in the collective memory of the urban art scene. His art remains a touchstone for those who look back at the evolution of street art and a beacon for those who draw inspiration from its history. Dr Revolt's impact on the art form is undeniable, his work a testament to the enduring power of graffiti art to communicate, to beautify, and to immortalize the ephemeral narratives of the city.
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