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  • Iconic HPM Giclee Print by EASY

    EASY Iconic HPM Giclee Print by EASY

    Purchase Iconic HPM Giclee Print by EASY Limited Edition Hand Painted Multiple on Fine Art Paper Pop Artist Modern Artwork. 2022 Signed & Numbered HPM Hand Embellished Print Limited Edition of 30 Artwork Size 17x11 Number 30 of 30


EASY, a celebrated artist hailing from Brooklyn in the late 1960s and growing up in Harlem, New York City, gained fame through his chalkboard battles with Keith Haring in MTA subway stations. While Easy created his iconic tag, Haring drew his legendary characters, competing to cover all the MTA chalkboards first. Alongside Josh 5 and Joz, Easy transitioned from painting hundreds of subway trains to taking over the streets, igniting a historic street movement that inspired generations of artists. Easy's emblematic tag established the standard for what constitutes a classic hand style. Even amid a crackdown on painting and vandalizing MTA trains, he kept the entire movement thriving.
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