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  • Big Ben Ripped Skateboard Art Deck by Prefab77

    Prefab77 Big Ben Ripped Skateboard Art Deck by Prefab77

    Big Ben Ripped Deck Fine Art Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print Transfer on Cold Pressed Steep Natural Skateboard Deck by Street Artwork Graffiti Artist Prefab77. 2022 Signed COA Archival Pigment Print Transfer on Cold Pressed Steep Natural Skate Deck Size: 8 x 31.875 Inches Release: April 05, 2022 Run of: 75


  • Vote For Light Silkscreen Print by Jamie Reid

    Jamie Reid Vote For Light Silkscreen Print by Jamie Reid

    Vote For Light Silkscreen Print by Jamie Reid Hand-Pulled on Wove Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Artwork. 2015 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 50 Artwork Size 19.6x24.41 Silkscreen Print of People in Face Masks and the Words "Vote For Light". Small bump to the middle extreme left margin. "Vote For Light" by Jamie Reid is a remarkable embodiment of the zeitgeist captured in the medium of silkscreen print. Hand-pulled on luxurious Wove Fine Art Paper, the piece, created in 2015, is an amalgamation of Reid's perspective and the cultural tides of the moment. Limited in its run, only 50 of these pieces were produced, each signed and numbered by Reid himself, ensuring authenticity and exclusivity. The artwork, measuring 19.6x24.41 inches, showcases an arresting visual of individuals adorned in face masks, an imagery that resonates with the contemporary experiences of the global populace. The indelible phrase "Vote For Light" emblazoned amidst the portrait of the masked figures sends a powerful message, potentially a call to action or a plea for hope amidst times of uncertainty. Silkscreen printing, traditionally associated with pop art, has been masterfully used here to blend the lines between street art, graffiti, and the more conventional gallery artworks. Reid’s decision to utilize this method is a testament to his commitment to maintain the raw and unfiltered aura commonly associated with street and graffiti art. Jamie Reid's "Vote For Light" is more than just a print; it stands as a symbol, a social commentary, and an invitation for discourse. As with most artwork that converges on the realms of pop, street, and graffiti art, this piece not only captures the artist's viewpoint but also challenges its audience to introspect and engage with the world around them. Drawing inspiration from the events and sentiments of its time, the artwork offers a snapshot of history, forever immortalized on fine art paper.


Graffiti street art featuring the British UK flag can be a powerful and visually striking form of expression. The use of national symbols, such as flags, in art can be a way of exploring issues related to identity, history, and culture. In the context of British graffiti street art, the use of the flag may be a way of commenting on issues related to national identity, such as the debate over Brexit and what it means to be British in a rapidly changing world. It may also be a way of celebrating British culture and history, or of subverting traditional ideas of what it means to be British. However, it is worth noting that the use of national symbols in art can also be controversial, particularly in a political context. Some people may view the use of the British flag in graffiti street art as a form of political protest or dissent, while others may see it as a form of vandalism or disrespect for national symbols. Ultimately, the meaning and significance of graffiti street art featuring the British flag will depend on the context in which it is created and viewed, as well as the individual interpretations of those who encounter it.

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