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  • Veil System Aquatint Etching by Pauline Aitken

    Pauline Aitken Veil System Aquatint Etching by Pauline Aitken

    Veil System Limited Edition Etching with Aquatint Print on Fine Art Paper by Pauline Aitken pop art graffiti famous artist art. 1969 Signed Limited Edition Veil System Aquatint Etching by Pauline Aitken Pauline Aitken Veil System – 1969 Print – etching, with Aquatint 31” x 23.5” As a woman artist, Pauline Aitken has explored the feminine inner vision, and also a unique view of science and its relationship to art. As a young artist her work was recognized in 1968 at the British International Print Biennale. Continuing through the years winning awards, she has recently received the Arts Business and Employees and the Arts, Business and the Smaller Budget (2000 and 2001) in the UK This series by Aitkin uses biological and chemical terminology as the inspiration for abstract prints. These colorful embossed prints demonstrate a mastery of printmaking technique rarely seen nowadays.


Etchings in Graffiti Street Pop Art refer to the use of sharp tools or chemicals to create lines, patterns, or images on various surfaces such as metal, glass, or walls. This technique can be used to add detail, texture, or depth to a piece, giving it a unique look and feel. Etching can also provide a more permanent and lasting effect compared to traditional spray painting or other methods, as it physically alters the surface of the material. Graffiti Street Pop Art is a contemporary urban art movement that blends street art, graffiti, and pop culture elements into a distinct visual language. It often features bold colors, stencils, and iconic imagery from popular culture, incorporating a variety of techniques, such as spray painting, tagging, and etchings.
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