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  • Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV Football Sports Ball Art Object by Fluke Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV Football Sports Ball Art Object by Fluke

    Fluke Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV Football Sports Ball Art Object by Fluke

    Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV Football- Fluke Limited Edition NFL Sports Sculpture Artwork by modern street artist pop graffiti artist Fluke. 2019 Numbered Edition of 100, Print on Football Wynwood Walls, Wilson, and the NFL have teamed up to create limited-edition footballs for Super Bowl LIV. In collaboration with Wynwood Walls artists, Wilson and the NFL created these limited-edition footballs inspired by Miami's iconic style and colorful culture. Using artists based around the world, these footballs put an international perspective on a uniquely American game that has become a global spectacle. Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV Football by Fluke: A Sports Art Intersection The Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV Football, designed by the acclaimed modern street artist and pop graffiti artist Fluke, represents a unique fusion of sports and art, encapsulating the pulsating essence of Miami's iconic style and colorful culture. This 2019 limited edition collection, with only 100 pieces in existence, transforms the classic American football into a vibrant piece of art. Each football, adorned with Fluke's signature print, is a piece of memorabilia that transcends its role as a mere sports implement, embodying the spirit of Street Pop Art & Graffiti Artwork. Fluke's interpretation of the football is a masterpiece that showcases his mastery of color and form, paying homage to Miami's rich visual and cultural tapestry. The city's influence on the artwork is unmistakable, with vivid hues and imagery that evoke the lively streets, the lush tropical landscape, and the dynamic urban life. These footballs are not just collector's items but narrative sculptures that tell the story of Miami's artistic vibrancy through the lens of an international artist. The collaboration between Wynwood Walls, Wilson, and the NFL for Super Bowl LIV is an acknowledgment of the global impact of American football and the universal language of art. Cultural and Artistic Significance of Fluke's NFL Football Art The cultural and artistic significance of the Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV Football by Fluke lies in its ability to capture the global reach of American football and the international community's connection to the sport. By incorporating artists' work worldwide, the NFL recognizes and celebrates the game's universal appeal, which has grown to become a global spectacle. As one of the artists selected for this project, Fluke brings his distinctive style to the forefront, offering an international perspective that enriches the American football tradition. The footballs serve as a bridge, connecting fans and art enthusiasts from various backgrounds, illustrating the power of sports to unite people across different cultures. Fluke's artwork on the football is a visual celebration that resonates with the excitement of the Super Bowl, a sporting event that captivates millions worldwide. The collaboration is a testament to the versatility and reach of street art, demonstrating how it can be employed to create a shared experience that extends beyond geographical and cultural boundaries. Collectibility and Legacy of the Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV Football The collectibility of the Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV Football by Fluke is enhanced by its limited edition status and the artist's personal touch. The footballs are sports sculptures & pieces of history that represent a moment when art and sports intersected to celebrate one of the most significant sporting events in the world. Collectors and sports fans seek these pieces for their uniqueness, artistic value, and the story they represent — a story of convergence, celebration, and the transformative power of combining two distinct forms of expression. The legacy of this collaboration will influence future intersections of sports and art, paving the way for more innovative partnerships that highlight the cultural significance of both fields. The Wynwood x Wilson SBLIV Football by Fluke is a milestone in sports memorabilia that future collaborations will look to for inspiration. It is a tangible representation of the boundless potential when the world of Street Pop Art & Graffiti Artwork meets the world of sports, creating new avenues for expression and appreciation.


Fluke - Sprayed Paint Art Collection

Fluke is a bright and talented street artist who has taken the urban art scene by storm with his unique style and bold use of color. Born and raised in the heart of the city, Fluke grew up surrounded by the vibrant street culture that inspired his love for art. From a young age, Fluke showed a natural talent for drawing and painting, and he honed his skills by practicing on the walls of abandoned buildings and alleyways. As he grew older, he began to experiment with different mediums and styles, and he eventually developed his own signature aesthetic that combines elements of graffiti, pop art, and surrealism. Today, Fluke is known for his large-scale murals that can be found on buildings and walls all over the city. His work is instantly recognizable for its bold, bright colors and intricate, detailed designs. Many of his pieces incorporate surreal imagery and pop culture references, creating a sense of whimsy and playfulness that draws in viewers of all ages. Despite his growing success, Fluke remains committed to his roots in the street art community. He often collaborates with other artists and participates in local events and festivals, using his art to give back to the community that inspired him. In addition to his street art, Fluke also creates smaller-scale pieces that are sold in galleries and online. His work has been featured in several exhibitions, and he has garnered a loyal following of fans who appreciate his unique and vibrant style.

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