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Francesco Francavilla is an Italian comic book artist, writer, and illustrator known for his distinctive pulp-inspired style. Born on June 25, 1971, in Cosenza, Italy, he has become a prominent figure in the comic book industry. Francavilla has worked with various comic book publishers, including Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, and Dynamite Entertainment, among others. Some of his notable works include "The Black Beetle," an original creator-owned series published by Dark Horse Comics, and his collaborations on "Detective Comics" (DC Comics), "Batman: The Black Mirror" (DC Comics), "Black Panther: The Man Without Fear" (Marvel Comics), and "Afterlife with Archie" (Archie Comics). Francavilla has also provided covers and illustrations for numerous comic book series and has been recognized with several awards for his work, including an Eisner Award in 2012 for Best Cover Artist. His art style is characterized by a strong use of shadow and contrast, evoking a sense of pulp noir and classic horror films.

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