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  • Forever Lucky Archival Print by Copyright x Gemma Compton

    Copyright Forever Lucky Archival Print by Copyright x Gemma Compton

    Purchase Forever Lucky Limited Edition Archival Pigment Fine Art Prints on Watercolor Fine Art Paper by Graffiti Street Art and Pop Culture Artist Gemma Compton x Copyright. Gemma Compton and Copyright collaboration  Forever Lucky Limited Edition Print, 2019  Archival ink on fine art watercolor paper, hand finished with gold leaf  23 ½ x 23 ½ in., 60 x 60 cm  Limited Edition of 30 In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of contemporary art, certain collaborations stand out for their profound resonance and remarkable synergy. The "Forever Lucky" limited edition print by Gemma Compton and Copyright represents just such a conjunction of artistic spirits. Created in 2019, this work of art combines the essence of street art, pop culture, and graffiti art, resulting in a masterpiece that captures the zeitgeist of the era. Gemma Compton's unique sensibilities, deeply rooted in graffiti and street art, meld seamlessly with the pop culture influences of Copyright, presenting a rich tableau of colors, patterns, and emotions. What sets this piece apart from other collaborations is the exceptional medium chosen for its creation. The archival ink on fine art watercolor paper not only adds longevity to the artwork but also enriches its visual texture. This substrate, traditionally associated with classic works of art, brings an unexpected sophistication to the vibrant and often rebellious world of street art. Further elevating the piece's luxuriousness is the hand-finished application of gold leaf. This meticulous detailing introduces a touch of opulence to the otherwise edgy imagery, creating a juxtaposition that is both intriguing and visually arresting. Sized at 23 ½ x 23 ½ inches or 60 x 60 cm, its dimensions provide ample space for the intricate designs and motifs to shine. With a limited run of just 30 prints, "Forever Lucky" emerges not just as a symbol of the artists' combined genius but also as a coveted collector's item. Each print, bearing the unmistakable imprints of both Gemma Compton and Copyright, encapsulates a moment in time where two artistic worlds collided to form something truly magnificent.


Gemma Compton
Pop art, street art, and graffiti have forever changed the visual language of modern cities, but few artists navigate these worlds with the same finesse and originality as Gemma Compton. Her work, evocative of nature's ephemeral beauty juxtaposed against urban decay, offers a unique perspective in the realm of contemporary art. British-born Gemma Compton’s journey as an artist has seen her traverse through various creative arenas, from fashion to fine arts. However, it's her affinity for street art that stands out. With a background in fashion design, Gemma’s inclination towards intricate details, patterns, and a rich palette manifests itself prominently in her street art pieces. This fashion influence brings a level of sophistication to her work that distinguishes it from many of her contemporaries. Compton’s work often marries the delicate beauty of wildlife, particularly birds, with the raw, often gritty backdrop of the urban environment. This duality – the fragile nature set against the hard edges of the city – speaks to the broader dichotomies of life and death, vulnerability and resilience, and chaos and order. It's not just a visual treat, but also a philosophical exploration, inviting viewers to contemplate the intersection of nature and urbanity. The walls of cities across the world, from Bristol to Barcelona, have been graced with Compton's captivating murals. Unlike traditional graffiti, which often prioritizes boldness and brashness, her pieces are intricate, almost whispering their narratives to those who pass by. The power of her work lies in this subtlety, the quiet invitation to pause and reflect amidst the urban hustle. Her usage of often delicate and somber palettes adds an ethereal quality, making her pieces both a visual and emotional experience. While some might classify her work purely within the street art genre, Gemma’s artistry blurs the lines between the conventional categories. The aesthetics of pop art are unmistakable in her work, with vibrant, sometimes surreal depictions of familiar objects and scenes. Yet, her infusion of fine art techniques and sensibilities elevates her pieces to a realm where street, pop, and fine art seamlessly converge. Gemma Compton's legacy in the world of street and pop art is far from being completely written. With every mural and painting, she is continuously redefining the boundaries of what street art can be. By fusing her background in fashion design with her passion for the grit and beauty of urban landscapes, she has carved a niche that inspires both art aficionados and casual observers alike. As cities and societies evolve, artists like Gemma offer a lens to view this evolution, a beacon pointing both to our roots and the possibilities of the future.
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