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  • Freedom For Humanity Chrome Serigraph Print by Mear One

    Mear One Freedom For Humanity Chrome Serigraph Print by Mear One

    Freedom For Humanity- Chrome Limited Edition Serigraph Print with Chrome Foil on Hand-Deckled 290gsm Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper by Mear One Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. 2016 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 20 Artwork Size 20x27 "This piece, 'Freedom For Humanity,' symbolizes the attitude we should be taking regarding our rights as human beings. It's a play on George Orwell's 'Newspeak' from his novel 1984, where he combines and condenses words to create a new language. Language is so important for understanding what it means to be truly free. Yet, it is constantly being eroded, redefined, and replaced to suit the corporations and superficial consumer pop-culture trends for profit. People need translation out of our current language based on greed towards a more meaningful and insightful existence, using language based on our humanity, sharing, and cooperation. I want to inspire critical thought on the implementation of 'Newspeak' in our current Orwellian, media-blitzed reality." - Mear One. Dissecting' Freedom For Humanity' by Mear One Mear One has established himself as a consequential artist in street pop art and graffiti artwork, with "Freedom For Humanity" being one of his most compelling works. This Chrome Limited Edition Serigraph Print is more than a mere aesthetic indulgence; it is a testament to the artist's impassioned plea for linguistic and intellectual freedom. Limited to a series of just twenty signed and numbered pieces, the 2016 artwork, sized 20x27 inches, is printed on hand-deckled 290gsm Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper. This choice underscores the premium quality and the exclusiveness of the print. The Semantic Revolution Embodied in Art Mear One's creation is an interplay of visual and verbal languages, a critical response to the perversion of words in our contemporary society. This piece reflects not just Orwell's concept of 'Newspeak' but a broader commentary on the state of language and its role in human freedom. The artist's use of chromatic intensity and stark contrasts on the fine art paper is an eye-catching element of modern pop art and serves as a metaphor for the clarity and vibrancy that should accompany human communication. The central figure, a striking representation of defiance, holds a sign that boldly demands "Freedom for Humanity," symbolizing the fight against the manipulation of language by corporate and political forces. Mear One's message is clear: the erosion of language and the commodification of words for profit and power threaten the very fabric of our society. The artist seeks to inspire a reevaluation of how language is wielded and perceived in the modern age. His work implores us to transcend a lexicon rooted in greed and forge one grounded in our collective humanity. The message is a rallying cry for cooperation, sharing, and a reassessment of our values as a civilization. Embracing a New Lexicon for Human Empowerment The artwork bridges street art's raw expressiveness and the sophisticated discourse on human liberties. "Freedom For Humanity" is not merely Mear One's call to action; it is an invitation to introspect on the corporatization of our language and, by extension, our thoughts and freedoms. Through his serigraph, Mear One channels the power of Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork to ignite conversation and drive change. The piece doesn't just hang on a wall; it stands on the front lines of cultural discourse, challenging the viewer to break free from the Orwellian shackles of modern-day 'Newspeak.' Ultimately, "Freedom For Humanity" is a symbolic manifesto in art form. It is a reminder of the potency of words and the significance of their liberation. Mear One has contributed a visually stunning piece to the realm of Street Pop Art and graffiti Artwork and embedded a profound message of liberation and unity within it. His work stands as a beacon for those who seek to understand the true meaning of freedom in a world where language is continually at risk of being co-opted by those in power.


  • Riot Cop 1000% Be@rbrick by Brandalised x Medicom Toy x Banksy Riot Cop 1000% Be@rbrick by Brandalised x Medicom Toy x Banksy

    Brandalism & Brandalised Riot Cop 1000% Be@rbrick by Brandalised x Medicom Toy x Banksy

    Riot Cop 1000% BE@RBRICK Limited Edition Vinyl Artwork Medicom Toy Collectable Art Figure by Brandalism. 2022 New In Box Brandalised x Medicom Toy x Banksy 2022 Medicom Toys Popular artist Banksy returns with the Riot Cop Bearbrick! This is the third collaboration between Medicom Toy and Brandalism. Water transfer technology ensures unique print placements. This large 1000% Bearbrick figure stands at 70cm!


Government & Politics Street Pop Art & Graffiti Artwork

Artistic Commentary on Government and Politics in Street Pop Art

Street pop art and graffiti artwork have long served as a visual language for political discourse and social commentary. The inherently public and accessible nature of these art forms makes them powerful tools for artists to express their views on government and politics. Whether splashed across city walls or displayed in galleries, these works often reflect the artists' perspectives on the political climate, societal issues, and power dynamics. The relationship between government and politics and street pop art is symbiotic. On one hand, the art form often thrives under the radar of official scrutiny, its rebellious streak a response to perceived overreach or authoritarian tendencies. On the other hand, it can serve as a sanctioned medium for political messaging, especially in more liberal societies that embrace public art as a form of civic engagement. Artists utilize this platform to spark debate, challenge authority, and inspire political action, sometimes at significant personal risk.

The Impact of Street Art on Political Expression

Street art's ability to reach a broad audience outside of traditional art venues makes it an incredibly effective means of political expression. Murals and installations often become local landmarks, drawing attention to the issues they portray and making political discourse a part of everyday life. The visual strategies employed by street artists—such as parody, satire, and symbolism—can distill complex political messages into impactful imagery that resonates with the viewer on an intuitive level. The political influence of street pop art and graffiti can be seen in its use by movements seeking to democratize public space and challenge dominant narratives. The art form's agility in adapting to the changing political landscape allows it to address immediate concerns and react to current events faster than traditional forms of political commentary. Its impact is magnified by the advent of social media, where images of political street art can go viral, reaching international audiences and becoming symbols of resistance and solidarity.

Street Pop Art as a Chronicle of Political Change

Over the decades, street pop art has chronicled the ebb and flow of political change from the protest movements of the 1960s to the present day. It often provides historical snapshots of the public sentiment during times of political upheaval. In societies undergoing rapid transformation or conflict, street art can document the aspirations and frustrations of the populace, often serving as a barometer for social tension. This art form also raises questions about the ownership and use of public space. By taking art out of the private realm and into the communal, street artists challenge the idea that government and authorities have ultimate control over visual and cultural expressions in public areas. This act of reclaiming space is a political statement, affirming the right to free expression and participation in the civic dialogue.
In summary, street pop art and graffiti artwork occupy a unique position at the intersection of art, politics, and public discourse. By engaging directly with the community and utilizing public spaces as canvases, these art forms democratize access to political expression and empower individuals and movements to communicate their messages powerfully and poignantly. As governments and politics evolve, so will the art that reflects and often challenges them, maintaining its role as a vital voice in the ongoing conversation about power, policy, and the people.

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