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Insane51 is a Greek street artist known for his unique and innovative approach to mural art. Born in Athens in 1992, he started his artistic journey in 2007 and has since gained international recognition for his large-scale murals, often featuring photorealistic and 3D-like images. Insane51 is particularly famous for his double exposure and anaglyph 3D artworks that can be viewed with the help of 3D glasses or through the lens of a smartphone camera with a color filter app. Using a combination of spray paint and acrylics, Insane51 incorporates his passion for realism, pop culture, and technology in his artwork, which often showcases dual images that interact with each other or the viewer. He has participated in numerous street art festivals and exhibitions around the world, leaving his artistic mark in various countries. Insane51's innovative and captivating art style has earned him a strong following on social media and continues to push the boundaries of urban art, making him one of the leading street artists of his generation.

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