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  • Sale -15% Boudica Is Coming HPM Silkscreen Print by Jamie Reid x James Cauty

    Jamie Reid Boudica Is Coming HPM Silkscreen Print by Jamie Reid x James Cauty

    Boudica Is Coming HPM Embellished 6-Color Silkscreen Print by Jamie Reid Hand-Pulled on Distressed 400gsm Reverse Optimum Grey Card Limited Edition Artwork. 2018 Signed By Both Artists HPM Acrylic Hand Embellished Stencil & Numbered Limited Edition of 350 Artwork Size 17x25 Silkscreen Print of Queen Boudica on Horse Chariot Next To Skyscraper Building Art Car Boot Fair Edition Hand Distressed "Boudica Is Coming HPM" is a breathtaking example of the convergence of contemporary street art and history, captured elegantly in a 6-color silkscreen print by the talented Jamie Reid. Released in 2018 and hand-pulled on a distressed 400gsm Reverse Optimum Grey Card, this piece serves as a testament to the transformative powers of art. It is not just a print, but a hand embellished, stencil-enhanced masterpiece, evident in the details of acrylic that dance across the surface. The presence of the signature of both artists and its limitation to a mere 350 pieces makes this artwork an exclusive collector's item, ensuring its revered status among art aficionados. The artwork's composition is both thought-provoking and rebellious. Queen Boudica, an emblem of British resistance against Roman occupation, is depicted on her iconic horse chariot. Yet, in a brilliant juxtaposition, she's positioned beside a modern skyscraper. This anachronistic pairing bridges ancient courage and modern defiance, reminiscent of the spirit of street art that challenges the conventional and provokes thought. Furthermore, the size of the artwork, measuring 17x25, strikes an impressive balance between dominance and subtlety, allowing it to make a statement without overpowering its surroundings. This print was introduced during the Art Car Boot Fair Edition, a venue that often showcases edgy and avant-garde pieces. The hand-distressed nature of the artwork adds a tactile dimension to it, grounding it in raw, authentic emotion, much like graffiti art on city walls. Jamie Reid's "Boudica Is Coming HPM" is a piece that captivates and intrigues, embodying the best aspects of pop and street art, ensuring its place as a hallmark in contemporary artistic expression.


James Cauty
James Cauty, a British artist, has made an indelible mark in the world of contemporary art, particularly within the realms of pop, street, and graffiti art. His journey and contributions span decades and touch on various forms of artistic expression, each more intriguing and thought-provoking than the last. Delving deeper into his works and ideologies can offer a glimpse into how Cauty effortlessly blurred the lines between these genres, offering viewers a fresh perspective on what art could truly represent in the modern age. Emerging from the vibrant backdrop of the 1970s and 1980s pop culture, Cauty's work resonated deeply with those who appreciated a mix of satire, irony, and cultural references. Pop art, which began in the mid-20th century, was a significant influence on Cauty. This art movement sought to challenge the boundaries between "high" art and popular culture, using imagery from advertising, comic books, and mundane objects. Cauty infused this spirit into his pieces, taking everyday subjects and recontextualizing them, often with a touch of dark humor. Notably, Cauty was also one-half of the musical duo, The KLF, which utilized similar subversive techniques in their music and performances, highlighting his interdisciplinary approach to art and entertainment. But what makes Cauty truly exceptional is his adaptability and the seamlessness with which he ventured into street and graffiti art. Street art, as a form of expression, thrives in public spaces, often seen on walls, buildings, or sidewalks, and communicates directly with the passerby, devoid of the constraints of a traditional gallery setting. Cauty's transition into this sphere showcased his willingness to engage directly with a wider audience, unfiltered and in real-time. His works in this realm are not just visually captivating but are also laced with social commentary, addressing everything from politics to consumerism, thereby forcing viewers to question and re-evaluate their preconceived notions. Graffiti art, closely linked yet distinct from street art, is typically characterized by its illicit nature, often appearing on property without permission. While it might seem anarchic to some, graffiti has been recognized as a form of artistic rebellion, and James Cauty did not shy away from harnessing its raw energy. His approach to graffiti was both audacious and subtle, often embedding his pieces with cryptic messages or images that required a second or third glance to fully understand. The very act of placing art in unexpected places, combined with the enigmatic nature of his work, cemented Cauty's reputation as a maverick, unafraid of the boundaries set by conventional art norms. James Cauty's enduring influence across pop, street, and graffiti art isn't just a testament to his talent but is also indicative of his profound understanding of the societal and cultural shifts of his time. By intertwining various art forms and mediums, he created a body of work that was not only visually stunning but also deeply resonant, speaking to the heart of generations who were navigating the complexities of a rapidly changing world. As enthusiasts and scholars look back on the evolution of contemporary art, Cauty's name will undoubtedly stand out as one who redefined boundaries and broadened horizons.

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