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  • Chuck D Black Steel Large Format Silkscreen Print by Shepard Fairey- OBEY

    Shepard Fairey- OBEY Chuck D Black Steel Large Format Silkscreen Print by Shepard Fairey- OBEY

    Purchase Chuck D Black Steel Large Format Silkscreen Print by Shepard Fairey- OBEY Hand-Pulled on Cream Speckletone Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Artwork Obey Pop Culture Artist. 2018 Signed by Sheppard Fairey Janette Beckman and Chuck D. Numbered Limited Edition of 300 Artwork Size 24x36 Silkscreen Print of Music Rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy & Prophets of Rage. "Chuck D has long been a hero of mine as founder and lead rapper of Public Enemy, as an outspoken social and political voice, as an activist, and now as co-vocalist of Prophets of Rage. I’m always looking for excuses to collaborate with Chuck and celebrate his influence on me and culture in general, so I was very happy to work with him and Janette Beckman, whose hip-hop and punk photography I’ve loved for years. With the 30 year anniversary of Public Enemy’s “It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back” coming up on June 28, I decided one of Janette’s photos of Chuck from that time would be great for me to illustrate as a tribute to my favorite MC and my favorite hip-hop album of all time. If you don’t own Public Enemy’s “It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back,” learn what music at the pinnacle of it’s sonic, political, and revolutionary potential can be. Proceeds from this print will go to Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE). All prints signed by Shepard, Janette Beckman and Chuck D. Thanks for the inspiration Chuck!" -Shepard Fairey- OBEY The intertwining of music and visual art finds a compelling expression in Shepard Fairey's "Chuck D Black Steel Large Format Silkscreen Print," a piece that stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of hip-hop's powerful voices. Released in 2018, this limited edition artwork is a collaboration that features the iconic presence of Chuck D, frontman of the seminal hip-hop group Public Enemy, captured through the lens of renowned photographer Janette Beckman, and reinterpreted by Fairey's distinct graphic style. This particular print celebrates a momentous occasion—the 30th anniversary of Public Enemy's "It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back"—heralded as one of hip-hop's most influential albums. Fairey, known for his "OBEY" campaign and his significant role in pop culture and street art, often infuses his work with social and political commentary, echoing the ethos of Chuck D's artistry. His choice of Beckman's photograph for the illustration is deliberate, acknowledging her impact on hip-hop culture through her visual documentation. The collaboration between Fairey, Beckman, and Chuck D in creating this silkscreen print embodies a fusion of talents that pays homage to the past while making a statement in the present. The artwork features a black and white depiction of Chuck D, with a backdrop of words and images that echo the messages conveyed through his music—resistance, empowerment, and the fight against injustice. The print, sized 24x36 inches, was hand-pulled on cream speckletone fine art paper, further enhancing its tactile quality and exclusivity with a limited run of 300 signed and numbered editions. Fairey's decision to direct the proceeds from this print to the Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE) aligns with the social advocacy inherent in Chuck D's music. This move not only celebrates hip-hop's cultural significance but also its potential for driving social change. The convergence of music, art, and activism in this silkscreen print underscores hip-hop's position as a vehicle for social commentary, with artists like Chuck D leading the charge and figures like Shepard Fairey amplifying the message through visual mediums. This piece is not just a collectible but serves as a narrative, an intersection where art meets the profound voices of a movement, continuing to inspire and provoke thought in a manner that is emblematic of both pop art and street art sensibilities.


Janette Beckman

Janette Beckman: A Conduit of Culture Through Lens and Art

Janette Beckman is an English photographer whose work has become synonymous with various youth and music subcultures, capturing pivotal moments in punk, hip-hop, and beyond. Her photographs have transcended their initial documentary purpose to become iconic staples within pop art, street art, and graffiti art. These images serve not just as a visual history of various movements but also as a bridge connecting the raw energy of the streets to the polished galleries of fine art. Her journey began in the late 1970s, photographing the burgeoning punk scene in London. Beckman's work from this era reflects the gritty reality and raw power of the movement, characteristics that would define not only her style but also the ethos of punk itself. As the punk movement waned, she moved to New York City in 1982, where she found herself at the epicenter of the emerging hip hop scene. Here, her lens captured the nascent stages of what would become a global phenomenon, immortalizing artists who were then unknown but would soon become legends of the genre.

Influence on Art and Pop Culture

What sets Beckman apart is her innate ability to capture the authenticity of her subjects. Her images are unfiltered snapshots of cultural moments, reflecting the style, attitude, and spirit of the times. The transition of her work into the spheres of pop and street art is a testament to her influence on the visual language of these genres. Her photographs have been appropriated by street artists, used in collaborations with graffiti artists, and have become focal points in various pop art exhibitions worldwide. Beckman’s role in pop culture is further solidified through her collaborations with major brands and magazines, proving her ability to navigate subcultural and mainstream spheres. Her body of work, while maintaining artistic integrity, has also played a crucial role in the commercial representation of these subcultures.

Legacy and Continuing Relevance

Janette Beckman's portfolio is a prolific anthology of style and substance, capturing everything from the defiant poses of punks to the swagger of hip-hop icons with a candidness that is often imitated but rarely replicated. Her influence is seen in the ongoing dialogue between music and art, where her images have been reimagined by artists and activists alike. In murals, album covers, and fashion, the echoes of her work are unmistakable. Her ongoing relevance is historical and current, as she engages with contemporary movements, bringing her distinctive aesthetic to new subjects and audiences. Beckman’s contribution to pop, street, and graffiti art lies in her ability to capture the essence of a cultural moment, tell its story, and inspire new generations of artists and musicians. Her photographs are more than just images; they are artifacts of culture, symbolic of the times they represent and enduring in their influence. Through exhibitions, collaborations, and publications, Janette Beckman's art lives on, not just preserved in the past but progressing into the future, continually shaping the landscape of visual culture.
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