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Jaroslav Svoboda
Glassworks Svoboda, also known as Sklárna Svoboda, is a Czech glass manufacturer that has been producing high-quality glass products since its establishment in 1931. The company is located in the heart of the Czech Republic's glass-making region, known as the "Bohemian Glass" area, which is famous for its long history and rich tradition in glass manufacturing. Svoboda Glassworks is known for its expertise in handcrafted and mouth-blown glass, producing a wide range of products such as decorative and functional glassware, including vases, bowls, plates, and more. The company is also known for its unique designs and the use of various glassmaking techniques, such as cutting, engraving, and sandblasting. The quality and craftsmanship of Svoboda's products have made them popular among collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide. The company has also collaborated with many artists, designers, and architects, creating bespoke glass pieces for various projects and installations. In recent years, Glassworks Svoboda has focused on innovation and sustainability, adopting new technologies and environmentally friendly practices to reduce their ecological footprint while maintaining the traditional artistry for which they are known.

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