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  • KET RIS Oxide Red Spray Paint Can Artwork by Montana MTN

    KET RIS KET RIS Oxide Red Spray Paint Can Artwork by Montana MTN

    Purchase KET RIS- Oxide Red Limited Edition Rare Spray Paint Can Artwork Crossover by famous graffiti paint maker Montana MTN. Ket is an active graffiti artist, curator, and photographer. Most recently he was the curator for graffiti and street art-related exhibitions at Fondation Cartier in Paris, PowerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, 55DSL in New York City, The Hip Hop Theatre Festival at New York University, and the MOCA in Los Angeles. He has painted around the world in places such as Melbourne, Port Au Prince, Copenhagen, and Lima, Peru.



KET RIS is a notable graffiti artist who was originally associated with the graffiti crews RIS (Rocking it Suckers) and FC (Fresh Collective). Born Alain Mariduena in New York City, he grew up during the 1970s and 1980s, an era that saw the explosion of graffiti art as a major cultural movement. KET RIS is known for his distinctive style, which combines elements of traditional graffiti writing, such as bold colors, intricate lettering, and elaborate designs, with influences from graphic design and fine art. His work is characterized by its high level of detail, precision, and complexity. Over the years, KET RIS has transitioned from being an illicit graffiti writer to a respected artist within the broader art world. He has exhibited his work in galleries and museums, and he has also been involved in community-based projects aimed at educating young people about the history and cultural significance of graffiti art. In addition to his artistic practice, KET RIS has been an advocate for the graffiti community, speaking out about the importance of preserving and respecting graffiti as an art form. He has also written about graffiti and street art, contributing to books and publications on the subject.

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