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  • Kitty Sutra Siamese Art Toy by Kevin Luong

    Kevin Luong Kitty Sutra Siamese Art Toy by Kevin Luong

    Kitty Sutra- Siamese Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Kevin Luong. These feisty cats are as shameless as they are lewd. Their mind-boggling, steamy acrobatics are a force of wonder and tantalization. Quick! Avert your eyes, or you too will be filled with an insatiable lust of feline proportions! This Siamese color way will make it's debut release be at Designer Con 2016.


Kevin Luong

Kevin Luong is an illustrator and artist known for his work in the designer toy and art toy industries. He has gained recognition for his unique style and craftsmanship in creating art toys, which are collectible toys created by artists and designers. Art toys, also known as designer toys or urban vinyl, are often made from materials like vinyl, resin, or wood, and can be either hand-painted or produced in limited editions. These toys have become increasingly popular among collectors and art enthusiasts who appreciate the blending of traditional art and toy culture. Kevin Luong's work embodies the creative spirit of the art toy movement, showcasing his distinct artistic style and attention to detail. His creations are likely to be appreciated by fans of art toys and those who enjoy unconventional and imaginative designs.

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