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  • We Dreamt of Poppies Blotter Paper Archival Print by Kristen Liu-Wong

    Kristen Liu-Wong We Dreamt of Poppies Blotter Paper Archival Print by Kristen Liu-Wong

    Purchase We Dreamt of Poppies Blotter Paper Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print Art on Perforated Blotter Paper by Kristen Liu-Wong pop culture LSD artwork. Archival Pigment Print on Perforated Blotter Paper Size:    6 x 7.5 Inches Release:    April 19, 2021 Limited blotter editions are hand-perforated by Zane Kesey & may vary slightly from the example shown.


Kristen Liu-Wong is a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles, California. She was born in 1990 and raised in San Francisco. Liu-Wong earned her BFA in Illustration from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. She is known for her distinctive, colorful, and intricate illustrations and paintings. Her artwork often features a blend of grotesque, erotic, and whimsical elements, showcasing her unique vision and style. She draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including mythology, comic books, street art, and Asian art. Her work also addresses themes such as feminism, sexuality, and the human experience. Liu-Wong's pieces have been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows around the world. She has also collaborated with brands and magazines for commercial projects, demonstrating her versatility as an artist.
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