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  • Sale -20% Cloud 9 Silkscreen Print by Trust iCON

    Trust iCON Cloud 9 Silkscreen Print by Trust iCON

    Purchase Cloud 9 Silkscreen Print by Trust iCON Hand-Pulled 2-Color Screen Print on 375gsm Lambeth Cartridge Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Art Artwork. 2023 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 100 Artwork Size 23.62x23.62


  • Run Away Silkscreen Fine Art Print by D*Face- Dean Stockton

    D*Face- Dean Stockton Run Away Silkscreen Fine Art Print by D*Face- Dean Stockton

    Purchase  Run Away Hand-Pulled 10-Color Silkscreen Print on 370gsm Lambeth Drawing Cartridge Paper by Desirable Artist D*Face Limited Edition Pop Art Artwork. 2020 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 150 Artwork Size 27.25x39.5 Framed With a Large Custom Frame & Mat.  D*Face (b. 1978) Run Away, 2020 Screenprint in colors on Lambeth Drawing Cartridge paper 39-1/2 x 27-1/4 inches (100.3 x 69.2 cm) (sheet) Ed. 71/150 Signed and numbered in pencil along lower edge Published by Stolen Space Gallery, London Run Away Silkscreen Fine Art Print is a piece of art created by DFace, a pseudonym for the British multimedia street artist Dean Stockton. Known for his graffiti, stickers, posters, and murals, DFace has been a prominent figure in the urban art scene since the early 2000s. His work is characterized by satirical, pop-infused imagery that often critiques consumerism and the superficial aspects of modern culture. DFace's work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, and his street art can be found in numerous cities, including London, Los Angeles, and New York. Collecting a fine art print like Run Away Silkscreen Fine Art Print by DFace can be a unique way to bring a piece of contemporary urban art into your home or office space.


  • It's Complicated Pink Dots AP Silkscreen Print by Trust iCON

    Trust iCON It's Complicated Pink Dots AP Silkscreen Print by Trust iCON

    Purchase It's Complicated Pink Dots AP Silkscreen Print by Trust iCON Artist Proof Hand-Pulled 8-Color Screen Print on 375gsm Lambeth Cartridge Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Art Artwork. AP Artist Proof 2023 Signed & AP Marked Original Run Limited Edition Artwork Size 9.84x23.62 "It's Complicated" is an artwork by the British street artist known as Trust iCON. Trust iCON is well-known for his thought-provoking and often satirical street art that incorporates popular culture, politics, and social commentary.  Trust iCON's works typically involve witty plays on words and images, often incorporating iconic characters from film, television, or comics to convey deeper meanings and messages. The artwork titled "It's Complicated" may also follow a similar pattern, using a recognizable character or symbol to comment on a social or political issue.


Lambeth Cartridge Paper, with its rich heritage and exceptional quality, has been a popular choice among artists for many years, including those who practice graffiti and street art. This 500-word piece will delve into the unique properties of Lambeth Cartridge Paper, its historical significance, and how it has influenced and shaped the world of graffiti and street art. Lambeth Cartridge Paper, named after the London borough of Lambeth where it was first produced, has been a favorite among artists due to its superior quality and durability. Made from high-quality cellulose fibers, the paper boasts a smooth and sturdy surface that can handle a variety of mediums, such as acrylics, aerosols, markers, and even ink. These characteristics make it an ideal canvas for graffiti artists and street artists alike, as it allows for the creation of bold and intricate designs without the worry of the paper tearing or wrinkling. Historically, Lambeth Cartridge Paper has played a significant role in the development of graffiti and street art. During the early days of the street art movement, artists faced numerous challenges in finding suitable surfaces for their work. Many had to resort to using walls and other public spaces, which often led to confrontations with the law. Lambeth Cartridge Paper provided these artists with a legal and easily accessible alternative, allowing them to hone their skills and develop their unique styles without fear of repercussions. The introduction of Lambeth Cartridge Paper to the graffiti and street art scene allowed for an explosion of creativity and innovation. Artists were no longer confined to the limits of public spaces; they could now experiment and create on a portable surface that could be easily transported and displayed. This versatility encouraged collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas among artists from different backgrounds and cultures, fostering the growth and development of the global street art community. As graffiti and street art continued to evolve, the use of Lambeth Cartridge Paper diversified as well. In addition to being used as a canvas for creating artworks, it has also become an essential tool for artists to document their work. By capturing their designs on paper, artists are able to create a tangible record of their creations, allowing for the study and preservation of their work. This has proven to be particularly important for ephemeral street art, which is often subject to rapid decay and destruction due to exposure to the elements or vandalism. In recent years, Lambeth Cartridge Paper has gained even more prominence in the graffiti and street art world, thanks to the rise of urban art exhibitions and galleries. As street art has gained mainstream acceptance and recognition as a legitimate art form, many artists have turned to using high-quality materials like Lambeth Cartridge Paper for their work. This has resulted in a surge of interest and demand for the paper, further cementing its place as a staple in the urban art community. Lambeth Cartridge Paper has had a significant and lasting impact on the world of graffiti and street art. From its early days as an alternative to illegal surfaces, to its current role in the documentation and preservation of urban art, the paper has been an integral part of the street art movement. Its durability, versatility, and exceptional quality have made it a favorite among artists, allowing them to push the boundaries of their creativity and contribute to the vibrant and diverse global street art scene.
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