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  • Mobius White PP Silkscreen Print by Lauren YS

    Lauren YS Mobius White PP Silkscreen Print by Lauren YS

    Mobius White PP Printer Proof Silkscreen Print by Lauren YS Hand-Pulled 3-Color Screen Print on 290gsm Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Artwork & Graffiti. PP Printers Proof 2019 Signed & PP Marked Limited Edition Run Artwork Size 18x14 Lauren YS and the 'Mobius White PP' Silkscreen Print The 'Mobius White PP' is a striking silkscreen print by the artist Lauren YS, part of a limited edition series that showcases a blend of pop art vibrancy and the edgy undercurrents of street art and graffiti. This hand-pulled 4-color screen print on 290gsm Coventry Rag fine art paper, released as a Printer's Proof (PP) in 2019, vividly represents the artist's unique style. Signed and marked PP, the artwork measures 18x14 inches and features an intricate depiction of interlocking octopuses, a motif often explored by Lauren YS in their work. Visual Complexity and Symbolism Lauren YS, also known as Squid.licker, is recognized for their bold, intricate designs and a penchant for surreal, dream-like subject matter that defies traditional narrative. The 'Mobius White PP' is no exception, presenting the viewer with a mesmerizing tableau of cephalopods entangled in an infinite loop. The use of the Mobius strip, a one-sided nonorientable surface, adds a layer of complexity, suggesting infinity, continuity, and the cyclical nature of existence. The choice of octopuses as the focal point is rich with symbolism. These creatures are often associated with mystery and flexibility, characteristics that resonate with street pop art's fluid and dynamic nature. Incorporating vibrant pink and blue hues against the stark white paper creates a visual pop, emphasizing the fluidity and movement within the static image. Artistic Process and Technique Lauren YS's approach to this print, utilizing the screen printing technique, indicates a hands-on process that is both artisanal and precise. The screen printing technique, particularly revered in street and pop art for its ability to produce vivid, textured layers of color, lends this work a tactile quality that belies its two-dimensional medium. Each color in the 'Mobius White PP' is applied one at a time, requiring exact alignment to achieve the final image's detail and depth. The choice of Coventry Rag paper underscores the artist's commitment to quality and longevity. This particular type of paper is favored by fine artists for its durability and ability to hold color without degradation, making it an ideal choice for a print intended to stand the test of time. Lauren YS's Place in Contemporary Art In the contemporary art scene, Lauren YS has carved out a space that transcends easy categorization, melding influences from comic books, muralism, and traditional Japanese and Chinese aesthetics. The 'Mobius White PP' exemplifies their ability to navigate and merge these diverse visual languages into a cohesive whole that speaks to a global audience. As a limited edition Printer's Proof, 'Mobius White PP' holds a special place in Lauren YS's works collection. The printers typically retain printer's Proofs as a reference and are often seen as a more intimate version of a print edition, carrying the marks of the printing process itself. The PP designation on this print signifies its status not only as part of a limited run but also as a piece that bears the direct touch of the artist. In the broader context of street pop and graffiti artwork, 'Mobius White PP' is a testament to the genre's evolving nature. Lauren YS's work continues to push the boundaries of how street art is perceived and experienced in public spaces and the collectors market. This print, with its interplay of street art sensibilities and fine art execution, captures the essence of this dynamic and continues to inspire dialogue within the art community.


  • Mobius Teal PP Silkscreen Print by Lauren YS

    Lauren YS Mobius Teal PP Silkscreen Print by Lauren YS

    Mobius Teal PP Printer Proof Silkscreen Print by Lauren YS Hand-Pulled 3-Color Screen Print on 290gsm Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Artwork & Graffiti. PP Printers Proof 2019 Signed & PP Marked Limited Edition Run Artwork Size 18x14 The Artistic Vision of Lauren YS in 'Mobius Teal PP' Lauren YS's 'Mobius Teal PP' emerges as a striking example of contemporary pop street artwork, blending the fluidity of graffiti with the meticulous process of silkscreen printing. This Printer's Proof (PP), hand-pulled and marked by the artist in 2019, embodies a limited edition three-color screen print on 290gsm Coventry Rag fine art paper. Signed and denoting its unique status in the edition run, the artwork's dimensions of 18x14 inches frame a visual narrative that is both surreal and expressive. Symbolism in 'Mobius Teal PP' The 'Mobius Teal PP' print by Lauren YS is a testament to their fascination with the surreal and the marine, featuring a vivid portrayal of octopuses in an infinite loop. The title, 'Mobius,' refers to the Möbius strip, a surface with only one side and one boundary component, symbolizing infinity, continuity, and the cyclic nature of the universe. This concept is elegantly captured through the interweaving tentacles of the octopuses, which are depicted in a state of perpetual motion against the contrasting teal background. The choice of color in 'Mobius Teal PP' is not merely aesthetic but intentional, with the teal acting as a backdrop that conjures the depths of the ocean—a realm full of mystery and often associated with the unconscious mind. The juxtaposition of the pink and black inks adds a dynamic vibrancy to the print, emphasizing the fluidity and grace of the cephalopods, creatures known for their intelligence and adaptability. Lauren YS's Technique and Medium Lauren YS employs the silkscreen printing technique with finesse, a method traditionally linked with the pop art movement and the grassroots dissemination of street art. Each layer of color in the 'Mobius Teal PP' is meticulously applied, showcasing the artist's hands-on approach and commitment to precision. Coventry Rag paper, a medium known for its quality and durability, ensures that each print remains a lasting artifact of the artist's vision, retaining the vibrancy of the inks over time. The significance of a Printer's Proof in the art world cannot be understated. PPs are typically reserved for the artist's personal use or archival purposes and are often considered more valuable due to their rarity and direct involvement in their production. The PP mark on 'Mobius Teal PP' indicates its status as part of a select group of prints that precede the official limited edition run, sought after by collectors for their proximity to the artist's original intent. Impact and Legacy in Street Pop Art The 'Mobius Teal PP' holds a place of importance in the oeuvre of Lauren YS and within the broader context of street pop art. The artist's work blurs the boundaries between the subversive energy of street art and the calculated precision of fine art printing, creating pieces that resonate with a broad audience. Lauren YS's contributions to the field reflect a contemporary evolution of street pop art, where traditional graffiti merges with avant-garde aesthetics to form new artistic expressions. As an artist, Lauren YS stands at the forefront of this evolution, pushing the boundaries of street pop art and graffiti into new territories. 'Mobius Teal PP,' with its intricate design and profound symbolism, is a beacon of the limitless potential within these art forms. It is a celebration of the medium's ability to decorate urban landscapes and convey complex, introspective narratives through the interplay of ink and imagination.


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Lauren YS's Impact on Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork

Lauren YS, known for their distinctive and explosive approach to street pop art and graffiti artwork, has become a pivotal figure in contemporary art. Their work is marked by an otherworldly blend of dreamscapes and phantasmagorical characters infused with bold colors and a dynamic sense of movement. Lauren's art is rooted in a fantastical vision, where diverse inspirations from mythology, culture, and personal identity converge to create striking visual narratives. This fusion of elements results in art that is not only visually arresting but also rich with symbolism and depth. The contribution of Lauren YS to the street art landscape is significant, bringing forth a fresh and vibrant perspective to public spaces worldwide. Their murals often feature amorphous forms, chimerical creatures, and surreal landscapes that captivate and challenge the viewer, turning mundane urban walls into canvases for exploration and storytelling. Lauren's distinctive style is instantly recognizable, and their work serves as a beacon of creativity and freedom of expression within the urban jungle.

Lauren YS's Signature Style and Vision

Lauren YS's signature style is characterized by a melding of the whimsical and the grotesque, a testament to their skillful navigation of the human psyche and its many manifestations. Their art delves into themes of identity, sexuality, and the subconscious, offering a poignant commentary on contemporary issues through a lens that is both critical and celebratory. Each piece is a deep dive into the unknown, asking viewers to suspend disbelief and embrace the complexities of the imagination. The influence of Lauren YS in Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork extends beyond their visual contributions. As a voice in the art community, they advocate for inclusivity and representation, ensuring that the sphere of street art is accessible to a wide array of voices and experiences. Their work is a powerful reminder of art's potential to initiate dialogue, inspire change, and foster community across diverse audiences. In essence, Lauren YS's body of work represents a kaleidoscope of human experience, rendered with a vibrancy and earnestness that is as compelling as it is sincere. Through their art, Lauren YS continues redefining the boundaries of Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork, proving that these genres are about aesthetic pleasure con, conveying powerful messages, and forging connections that transcend the visual realm.
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