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  • El Camino De La Creacion Archival Print by Luis Toledo

    Luis Toledo El Camino De La Creacion Archival Print by Luis Toledo

    El Camino De La Creacion Limited Edition Archival Pigment Prints on 330gsm Fine Art Paper by Luis Toledo Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. "In the context of Hinduism, Shiva is one of the gods of the Tri-murti ('three-ways', the Hindu Trinity), which plays the role of destroyer god, along with Brahma (the creator god) and Vishnu (preserver god). For this piece I wanted to mix in the same work the Hindu religion with space and form a new cosmogony. " - Luis Toledo


Luis Toledo

Luis Toledo, also known as "Laprisamata," is a Spanish artist known for his intricate and surreal digital collages. Born in Madrid in 1982, Toledo began his career as a graphic designer before transitioning to creating artwork full-time. Toledo's work often combines various elements and styles from different time periods, cultures, and artistic movements. His pieces are characterized by their complexity, with a myriad of details and layers that can take hours to fully explore and appreciate. The artist draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, such as mythology, history, religion, and nature. Toledo's technique involves meticulously blending and merging photographs, illustrations, and other visual elements using digital tools. The result is a stunning, cohesive piece that transcends its individual components. By merging the old with the new, Toledo creates thought-provoking images that challenge the viewer to explore the relationship between past and present, and to consider the interconnectedness of different cultures and ideas. Luis Toledo has gained international recognition for his work, with his art being exhibited in galleries and art fairs around the world. He has also been commissioned for various commercial and editorial projects, demonstrating the wide-ranging appeal of his unique aesthetic.

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