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  • Protected Nipsey Gold Leaf HPM Silkscreen Print by MADSTEEZ- Mark Paul Deren

    MADSTEEZ- Mark Paul Deren Protected Nipsey Gold Leaf HPM Silkscreen Print by MADSTEEZ- Mark Paul Deren

    Purchase Protected Nipsey Gold Leaf HPM Silkscreen Print by MADSTEEZ- Mark Paul Deren Hand-Pulled 4-Color Screen Print on MEDIUM Limited Edition Pop Street Art Artwork. 2023 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 25 Hand Cut Gold Leaf Inlay Artwork Size 33x44 The "Protected Nipsey Gold Leaf HPM (Hand Painted Multiple) Silkscreen Print" is a piece of art created by Mark Paul Deren, also known as MADSTEEZ. Mark Paul Deren is an artist and designer based in California, best known for his vivid, large-scale, and multi-layered paintings, combining various pop culture references, abstract imagery, and his signature "WEEN!face." His work has been featured in galleries, on walls, and on products worldwide. The "Protected Nipsey Gold Leaf HPM Silkscreen Print" is a tribute to Nipsey Hussle, an American rapper, entrepreneur, and community activist from Los Angeles, California, who was tragically murdered in 2019. Nipsey Hussle was not only a talented musician but also an inspiring figure for his community, investing in various projects to help uplift the people around him. The artwork by MADSTEEZ features a portrait of Nipsey Hussle surrounded by an array of vibrant colors and patterns, while the gold leaf adds a luxurious touch, representing the impact and legacy Nipsey left behind. The use of silkscreen printing and hand-painted elements make each print unique, adding value and collectability to the piece. This piece showcases MADSTEEZ's signature style, combining pop culture, street art, and fine art elements, making it a desirable piece for collectors and fans of both the artist and Nipsey Hussle.


MADSTEEZ- Mark Paul Deren> Pop Artist Graffiti Street Artworks
In the ever-evolving world of street art, the name MADSTEEZ holds significant weight. Born Mark Paul Deren in 1980 in the United States, MADSTEEZ is a world-renowned graffiti artist, muralist, and designer known for his bold and vibrant creations. His larger-than-life pieces often feature a blend of pop culture, abstract expressionism, and surrealism, creating an unmistakable visual language that has earned him a prominent place in the world of contemporary art. Growing up in Southern California, MADSTEEZ was exposed to a variety of artistic influences that helped shape his style. As a child, he suffered from nystagmus, a condition that caused involuntary eye movements and impaired vision. This unique visual perspective, combined with a boundless imagination, fueled his passion for art. MADSTEEZ was heavily influenced by the burgeoning graffiti and street art scene of the '80s and '90s, as well as the bold graphics of skateboard and surf culture. These influences led to the development of his signature style, which is a harmonious fusion of various artistic genres. MADSTEEZ's artwork is instantly recognizable by its vivid color palette and the eccentric, often distorted, characters that populate his murals. His works are known for their playful, whimsical nature, as well as their underlying commentary on societal norms and popular culture. One of his most famous series, the "WEEN!mals," features animals with elongated features and exaggerated proportions, exploring the boundaries of reality and fantasy. MADSTEEZ employs a variety of mediums and techniques in his work, including spray paint, acrylics, and markers. His creative process often starts with sketches and digital designs before being translated onto large-scale murals or canvases. His murals can be found on the streets of major cities worldwide, including Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo. Over the years, MADSTEEZ has collaborated with numerous brands, celebrities, and artists, further solidifying his status as a key figure in the street art world. Some notable collaborations include working with global brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Apple, as well as creating custom artwork for celebrities like Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg, and Justin Bieber. His commercial success has not only increased the visibility of his work but also created opportunities for him to use his art to support charitable causes. MADSTEEZ has been involved in numerous philanthropic projects, including painting murals for children's hospitals and raising funds for disaster relief efforts. MADSTEEZ's unique style and unwavering dedication to his craft have earned him a devoted following of fans and fellow artists alike. His work has inspired a new generation of street artists to push the boundaries of their art and explore new creative possibilities. As street art continues to gain recognition and respect in the world of fine art, MADSTEEZ's contributions cannot be understated. His vibrant, larger-than-life murals have become synonymous with the modern street art movement, capturing the imaginations of audiences worldwide. Through his distinctive visual language, MADSTEEZ has successfully transcended the boundaries between street art and fine art, proving that graffiti is not only a powerful means of self-expression but also a legitimate and valuable art form.
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