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  • Malt & Mark 02 Original Spray Paint Acrylic Painting by Malt

    Malt Malt & Mark 02 Original Spray Paint Acrylic Painting by Malt

    Malt & Mark 02 Original Painting Mixed Media, Acrylic, Spray Paint on Fine Art Paper by Malt x Mark Penxa Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. Custom Red Frame “We started this series in July of last year. I think that’s when we first met and talked about collaborating together. It wasn’t until last month that we finished the sculpture pieces. Even after the public showing this idea just kept on growing.” - Mark Penxa“The first go, we both poured in all our energy into creating the work and by the deadline we both felt like we had many more ideas to explore. So enter the “Endangered Species” series.” - Malt



Malt, also known as Brown Bag Detroit, is an American graffiti artist based in Detroit, Michigan. Born as Dave Krieger, Malt gained recognition for his unique, colorful, and abstract style that often features layers of shapes, textures, and organic forms. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries and featured on walls and murals throughout Detroit and other cities in the United States. Malt started his artistic journey as a traditional graffiti writer but eventually evolved his style into what is now known as "Abstract Graffiti." His work is characterized by a combination of graffiti techniques and fine art, using vibrant colors and organic shapes to create visually striking compositions. Malt's signature aesthetic includes layered elements, with a focus on fluidity and movement. He often incorporates nature-inspired themes and patterns, which reflects his love for the outdoors and the environment. In addition to his street art, Malt has also been involved in gallery exhibitions and has collaborated with various brands, organizations, and other artists on projects. His work has contributed to the revitalization and appreciation of street art in Detroit and beyond.

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