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  • Canbot 3oz Series 1 Display Case Art Toy Set by Czee13 x Toy Mafia x Clutter Canbot 3oz Series 1 Display Case Art Toy Set by Czee13 x Toy Mafia x Clutter

    Flying Fortress Canbot 3oz Series 1 Display Case Art Toy Set by Czee13 x Toy Mafia x Clutter

    Purchase Canbot 3oz Series 1 Display Case Art Toy Set by Czee13 Limited Edition Vinyl Sculpture Collectible Artwork by Pop Street Artist. 2022 Sealed Limited Edition Artwork 3oz Blind Boxes Unopened New In Box Stamped/Printed Blind Box Possibility From Artists:  Andrea Kang (USA), Dalek (USA), Prime (USA), Czee13 (UK), Nicky Davis (USA), DURO (Canada), Chris RWK (USA), Riiisa Boogie (USA), Mad*L (USA), MrKumKum (Indonesia), Sket One (USA), Mar2ina (Taiwan), Quiccs (Phillippines), Flying Fortress (Germany), Toy Mafia (Worldwide) ZeroProductivity (USA). Czee13: Czee13 is a UK-based street artist and designer, known for his distinctive style and work on art toys and collectibles. His signature character, the Canbot, is a spray paint can with a unique personality, often depicted as a robot or with other intriguing features. Toy Mafia: Toy Mafia is a collective of artists and designers who collaborate on various art toy projects. They focus on creating limited edition, high-quality designer toys and collectibles, often partnering with other artists or brands to produce unique and creative works. Clutter: Clutter is a company known for producing and promoting art toys, designer toys, and other collectibles. They are also involved in various events and conventions within the industry, such as the annual Designer Toy Awards and Five Points Festival. Given the collaboration between these artists and Clutter, the Canbot 3oz Series 1 Display Case Art Toy Set would be a collection of designer art toys inspired by Czee13's signature Canbot character, with contributions from Toy Mafia and Clutter. The set comes in a sealed display case to showcase the unique designs of each piece.


Mar2ina, a groundbreaking graffiti artist, has made a profound impact on the urban art scene with her innovative and bold artistic expression. Born in the early 1990s, she has risen to prominence in the past few years for her captivating and thought-provoking murals. Mar2ina's artistry transcends the traditional boundaries of graffiti, as she fuses a unique combination of styles, techniques, and concepts to create mesmerizing works of art. Growing up in a culturally diverse environment, Mar2ina was exposed to various art forms from a young age. Inspired by her surroundings, she began to experiment with different mediums and techniques. Her fascination with graffiti emerged during her teenage years when she discovered the works of prominent artists such as Banksy and Jean-Michel Basquiat. This discovery inspired her to explore the untapped potential of graffiti as a means of artistic expression and social commentary. Mar2ina's signature style is a blend of abstract, surrealism, and traditional graffiti elements. She is known for her use of vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and thought-provoking symbolism. Her approach is heavily influenced by various art movements, such as Cubism and Expressionism, which have shaped her distinct visual language. One of the key aspects of Mar2ina's work is her ability to tell stories through her art. Her murals often tackle social issues, shedding light on topics such as gender equality, environmental conservation, and human rights. Her thought-provoking pieces have resonated with audiences worldwide, inspiring conversation and reflection. Mar2ina has created numerous eye-catching murals across the globe. Some of her most notable works include: "The Metamorphosis": A large-scale mural in New York City, this piece features a striking composition of geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and surreal imagery. It represents the transformation of society and the individual's role within it. "Mother Earth": Located in Berlin, this mural is a powerful statement on the importance of environmental conservation. The piece features a woman cradling the Earth in her arms, surrounded by a vivid array of flora and fauna. The work highlights the interconnectedness of all living things and the need for humanity to protect the planet. "The Dreamer": A stunning mural in London, this piece showcases Mar2ina's talent for storytelling. It features a young girl with her eyes closed, seemingly lost in a world of her imagination. The surrounding imagery is a blend of fantastical creatures and symbols, highlighting the power of creativity and dreams. Mar2ina's innovative and daring approach to graffiti has earned her a prominent position in the world of urban art. Her work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions, galleries, and festivals around the globe, attracting the attention of art enthusiasts and critics alike. Through her captivating murals, Mar2ina has contributed significantly to the ever-evolving landscape of graffiti art. Her unique fusion of styles and techniques has helped to redefine the genre and inspire a new generation of artists to push the boundaries of what graffiti can achieve. Mar2ina is a visionary graffiti artist who has made a significant impact on the urban art scene with her bold and innovative artistic expression. By challenging traditional norms and using her art to communicate powerful messages, Mar2ina has solidified her place as a leading figure in contemporary graffiti art.
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