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  • Razor Gun Silkscreen Print by Maximilian Wiedemann

    Maximilian Wiedemann Razor Gun Silkscreen Print by Maximilian Wiedemann

    Razor Gun Limited Edition 5-Color Hand-Pulled Silkscreen Print on 130lbs Mohawk Vellum Fine Art Paper by Maximilian Wiedemann Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. "Looking at the current media coverage and shocking violence that has spread around the world, I felt it was time to release an anti-gun/crime piece. In the wider sense and anti-violence statement. Don't pull the trigger! As you see in the detail, the trigger is the razor, making it impossible or painful to shoot. It's a fine little detail in the gun that turns the meaning of weapons around. All you need is love. This design and coloring have exclusively been done for 1XRUN. This Idea has been shown first in New York in 2011 in the Vanity Unfair Show - I felt it has more relevance than ever these days." - Maximilian Wiedemann


Maximilian Wiedemann

Maximilian Wiedemann is a contemporary artist who was born in Germany in 1979. He is known for his vibrant, street-art-inspired pieces that often combine elements of graffiti, pop art, and neon lights. Wiedemann's work is heavily influenced by his background in advertising, and he frequently explores themes such as consumer culture, materialism, and the power of branding. His art often features bold colors, striking visuals, and thought-provoking messages, which has led to his work being displayed in galleries and private collections around the world. Wiedemann studied graphic design and communications in Germany before moving to London to further his career in advertising. After working in the industry for a few years, he decided to shift his focus towards his own art practice, which has since gained considerable attention and recognition. Some of his most famous pieces include the "Vandalism" series and his collaborations with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton. Maximilian Wiedemann's unique style and commentary on contemporary society have made him a notable figure in the art world. His work continues to challenge viewers to consider the impact of consumer culture on our lives and question the importance we place on material possessions.

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