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Michael Harris

Michael Harris (1933-1994) was a renowned British glass artist, who is best known for founding two highly influential art glass studios: Mdina Glass in Malta and Isle of Wight Studio Glass in England. Harris was a pioneer in the field of art glass and is celebrated for his innovative designs and techniques. In 1968, Harris moved to Malta and established Mdina Glass, the first art glass studio in the country. The company's name is derived from the historic city of Mdina, where the studio was initially located. Mdina Glass became famous for its unique and vibrant designs, which incorporated swirling colors, organic shapes, and textures inspired by the Maltese landscape and culture. The glass produced during this time is often referred to as "Mediterranean glass." In 1972, Harris returned to England and founded Isle of Wight Studio Glass, which is still in operation today. This studio focused on crafting more sophisticated and contemporary glass art, often incorporating iridescence, luster, and unique surface treatments. One of Harris's most famous designs from this period is the "Azurene" range, which features a shimmering, metallic finish achieved through the use of silver and gold leaf. Throughout his career, Michael Harris played a vital role in advancing the art of glassmaking, leaving a lasting impact on the world of contemporary glass art. His innovative designs and techniques continue to inspire glass artists today.

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