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  • Booby Trap Art Toy Sculpture by Henn Kim x Mighty Jaxx Booby Trap Art Toy Sculpture by Henn Kim x Mighty Jaxx

    Henn Kim Booby Trap Art Toy Sculpture by Henn Kim x Mighty Jaxx

    Booby Trap Polystone Sculpture Limited Edition Artwork by Modern Pop Artist Henn Kim. 2021 New In Box Booby Trap Art Toy Sculpture by Henn Kim x Mighty Jaxx Exploring the Fusion of Street Pop Art & Graffiti Artwork in Henn Kim's Booby Trap Sculpture In the vibrant arena of modern pop art, the Booby Trap Polystone Sculpture emerges as a compelling piece that stirs the onlooker with its raw and evocative presentation. This limited edition art toy sculpture is a physical embodiment of the themes often explored by the Korean illustrator and modern pop artist Henn Kim. Born in South Korea, Henn Kim is alive and active in the art scene. She is known for her illustrative work that often features a stark monochromatic palette and themes of emotional introspection. The Booby Trap sculpture, released in 2021 in collaboration with Mighty Jaxx, is a striking representation of the weight of emotions and the suspense of unpredictable outcomes. Standing at 8 inches, this poly stone art toy captures the essence of what many street pop artists and graffiti creators aim to communicate: a message that is both personal and universal, encapsulated in a form that is accessible yet profound. Henn Kim and the Emotional Resonance in Street Pop Art Henn Kim's work is recognized for its simplicity in design yet complexity in interpretation. The Booby Trap sculpture, much like her two-dimensional works, is deceptively straightforward—a figure holding grenades in place of breasts, which is not just a play on words but also a visual metaphor for the burdens one may carry. The tension between the expected softness of the human form and the harshness of the grenades invites a dialogue on vulnerability and strength, a recurring theme in street pop art. The design does not shy away from evoking a sense of danger and fragility. The woman depicted is blindfolded, adding a layer of suspense and mystery. It is as if she is unaware of when her emotional weight might become too much to bear—a sentiment that resonates deeply with the human experience. Polystone as a medium adds to the narrative, providing a sense of permanence and gravity to the otherwise fleeting emotions. The Impact of Booby Trap in the Context of Graffiti Artwork While Henn Kim's Booby Trap is not graffiti in the traditional sense, it shares the spirit of graffiti artwork's immediacy and public engagement. Graffiti often conveys messages about societal pressures and personal struggles on the public stage of city walls. Similarly, Booby Trap takes personal struggles and exhibits them in a tangible form. Much like graffiti, the sculpture is a snapshot of emotion, frozen in time yet speaking volumes. It is a testament to the power of street pop art to transcend the conventional boundaries of art galleries, reaching out to a broader audience through its profound simplicity and visual impact. The limited edition nature of Booby Trap aligns with the often ephemeral quality of graffiti, highlighting the importance of capturing the moment and the emotion before it fades away. The collaboration with Mighty Jaxx also points to a trend where street pop art and collectible culture intersect, creating new platforms for artists to share their work and for collectors to engage with art in a more personal space. The Booby Trap sculpture is a significant piece within the continuum of street pop art and graffiti artwork. It is a bold statement in the oeuvre of Henn Kim, a modern pop artist whose work continues to engage and challenge viewers with its visual metaphors and emotional depth. The sculpture is not merely an object of aesthetic value but a conversation conduit. This piece compels the onlooker to reflect on our weights and the unpredictability of life's emotional journey. Through Booby Trap, Henn Kim has added a new dimension to the discourse of street pop art, proving that the power of this genre lies in its ability to connect with the viewer on a profoundly personal level, irrespective of the medium.


Mighty Jaxx

Mighty Jaxx is a Singapore-based company that specializes in creating limited edition art collectibles and designer toys. Founded by Jackson Aw in 2012, the company collaborates with a wide range of artists, designers, and brands to produce unique and high-quality art toys. Mighty Jaxx's products often incorporate pop culture references, street art, and other contemporary design elements, making them popular among collectors and enthusiasts. Mighty Jaxx has worked with many well-known artists such as Jason Freeny, Quiccs, Alex Solis, and Hikari Bambi, as well as brands like Warner Bros., DC Comics, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon. The company has gained a reputation for its innovative production techniques, often using a combination of materials such as vinyl, resin, and wood to create their art pieces. Some of the most popular Mighty Jaxx art toys include: Dissected Art Toys: These toys, designed by Jason Freeny, feature iconic characters like Batman, Superman, and Mickey Mouse with a "dissected" design, revealing their anatomical structures. Hidden Dissectibles: A series of blind box collectibles, also designed by Jason Freeny, that feature dissected versions of popular characters from franchises like Sesame Street, SpongeBob SquarePants, and more. TEQ63: A futuristic, robotic character designed by artist Quiccs, which has become a popular figure in the designer toy community. XXRay: A series of art toys that showcase the internal anatomy of famous pop culture icons, such as Looney Tunes characters, DC superheroes, and more. Mighty Jaxx's art toys have been well-received by collectors and have garnered numerous awards, including Designer Toy Awards and the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The company continues to push the boundaries of art and design, creating new and exciting collectibles for fans around the world.

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