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  • Crayon Shooter LA Gold Polystone Sculpture by Brandalised Crayon Shooter LA Gold Polystone Sculpture by Brandalised

    Brandalism & Brandalised Crayon Shooter LA Gold Polystone Sculpture by Brandalised

    Crayon Shooter- LA Gold Limited Run Polystone Statue Sculpture Artwork by graffiti street artist modern pop artist Brandalised. 10" Tall Mighty Jaxx Polystone Statue Artist Brandalised 2021 Limited Edition The sad expression on his face underlines the seeming end of his innocence. Why is he wielding a machine gun when he should be doodling with crayons instead? Don't miss your chance to own this incredible art piece. All purchases come with a box of gold ammo crayons.


  • SyndiCats Purrface Art Toy by Mighty Jaxx SyndiCats Purrface Art Toy by Mighty Jaxx

    Mighty Jaxx SyndiCats Purrface Art Toy by Mighty Jaxx

    SyndiCats: Purrface Polystone Sculpture Limited Edition Artwork by Artists at Mighty Jaxx. 2021 New in Box 6" Polystone Art Toy Limited Edition of 300 Polystone Artwork Size 6x6 SyndiCats: Purrface Polystone Sculpture and Its Place in Street Pop Art The SyndiCats: Purrface polystone sculpture is a tangible celebration of the creative confluence of street pop art and contemporary collectible design. This limited-edition artwork, crafted by the skilled artisans at Mighty Jaxx, epitomizes the spirit of innovation at the heart of the urban art toy movement. The Purrface sculpture, a 6-inch polystone art toy, is a sought-after piece, with only 300 pieces available worldwide. It is a coveted item for collectors and enthusiasts of street pop and graffiti artwork. Purrface's narrative is rooted deeply in the lore of urban culture, symbolizing the street-savvy character often celebrated in graffiti artwork. The story of Purrface—a feline figure returning to domestic life after ruling the back alleys—resonates with the classic tales of power and control commonly explored in street art. His reign over the living room, dictating kibble distribution and overseeing the comings and goings, mirrors the territorial tagging of street artists who leave their mark on city walls to signify their presence and influence. Impact of Purrface on Street Pop Art and Collectibles The impact of the Purrface sculpture extends beyond its physical form. As a limited edition piece, it embodies the exclusivity and subversive edge that street pop art is known for. The polystone material used in Purrface's construction allows for a high level of detail and a weighty presence within the art toy community, both literally and figuratively. The piece is not just a static object but a narrative-driven work that engages with ambition, power, and territorial dominance—themes often explored on the larger scale of street pop art and graffiti artwork. Every design element of the Purrface sculpture, from the character's tattoo-like markings to its assertive pose with a violin (suggesting both culture and cunning), reflects the essence of street pop art. The fusion of a domestic cat with the attitude of a street-hardened character provides a commentary on the blending of urban life's roughness with the comfort of modern living. This piece, powered by Forreal, offers an interactive dimension to the collectible, enhancing its appeal and deepening its connection with the digital era's art collectors. The continued popularity and influence of art toys like Purrface indicate a promising future for poly stone sculptures within street pop art. The blend of artistic storytelling with collectible culture ensures that pieces like Purrface remain relevant and integral to the narrative of street art. As artists and designers explore new ways to bring street-inspired narratives into collectors' homes and personal spaces, art toys like Purrface will continue to serve as critical conduits for the messages and aesthetics of street pop art and graffiti artwork. The SyndiCats: Purrface polystone sculpture by Mighty Jaxx significantly represents the intersection between collectible culture and street pop art. With its limited-edition status and compelling backstory, Purrface captures the imagination of art collectors and serves as a bridge between the tangible art of sculpture and the often ephemeral nature of street art. This piece is not merely a static figurine but a representation of the evolving landscape of street art, where stories of power, survival, and ambition are brought to life in new and innovative forms.


Mighty Jaxx

Mighty Jaxx is a Singapore-based company that specializes in creating limited edition art collectibles and designer toys. Founded by Jackson Aw in 2012, the company collaborates with a wide range of artists, designers, and brands to produce unique and high-quality art toys. Mighty Jaxx's products often incorporate pop culture references, street art, and other contemporary design elements, making them popular among collectors and enthusiasts. Mighty Jaxx has worked with many well-known artists such as Jason Freeny, Quiccs, Alex Solis, and Hikari Bambi, as well as brands like Warner Bros., DC Comics, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon. The company has gained a reputation for its innovative production techniques, often using a combination of materials such as vinyl, resin, and wood to create their art pieces. Some of the most popular Mighty Jaxx art toys include: Dissected Art Toys: These toys, designed by Jason Freeny, feature iconic characters like Batman, Superman, and Mickey Mouse with a "dissected" design, revealing their anatomical structures. Hidden Dissectibles: A series of blind box collectibles, also designed by Jason Freeny, that feature dissected versions of popular characters from franchises like Sesame Street, SpongeBob SquarePants, and more. TEQ63: A futuristic, robotic character designed by artist Quiccs, which has become a popular figure in the designer toy community. XXRay: A series of art toys that showcase the internal anatomy of famous pop culture icons, such as Looney Tunes characters, DC superheroes, and more. Mighty Jaxx's art toys have been well-received by collectors and have garnered numerous awards, including Designer Toy Awards and the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The company continues to push the boundaries of art and design, creating new and exciting collectibles for fans around the world.

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