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Mori Chack

Mori Chack (born March 31, 1973) is a Japanese artist and graphic designer best known for creating the character Gloomy Bear. His full name is Chakku Mori, but he is commonly known as Mori Chack. Born in Sakai, Osaka, he started his career as a street artist in the late 1990s. Mori Chack's art is often characterized by its dark, sometimes violent themes, which juxtapose the cute and innocent appearance of his characters with brutal or disturbing imagery. This is most evident in his most famous creation, Gloomy Bear, a large pink bear that is often depicted attacking or mutilating humans, particularly its owner, Pity. The character is a critique of the overly cute and commercialized characters found in much of Japanese popular culture, with Mori Chack aiming to challenge the idea that all cute things are inherently good and harmless. In addition to Gloomy Bear, Mori Chack has created other characters such as Podolly, a sheep-like creature, and Kumakikai, a bear-like robot. His work has been featured in various forms, including vinyl toys, clothing, accessories, and art exhibitions. Mori Chack's unique style and subversive take on kawaii (Japanese cuteness) culture has garnered him a global following and helped to establish him as a prominent figure in contemporary Japanese art and design.

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