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  • 1AE MonoPrint Silkscreen Print by Mr Penfold

    Mr Penfold 1AE MonoPrint Silkscreen Print by Mr Penfold

    1AE MonoPrint 1 of a Kind 4-Color Hand-Pulled Silkscreen Original on Fine Art Paper by Mr Penfold Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. 2021 Signed Original One-of-a-kind Print Artwork Size 18.11x22.44 Mr. Penfold, also known as Tim Gresham, operates from his studio located in Bristol, where he presently lives, and creates artworks in diverse media.


Mr Penfold

Tim Gresham, better known by his artist name Mr. Penfold, is a contemporary British artist, graphic designer, and muralist. Born in Cambridge, he has gained significant recognition for his distinctive and colorful abstract paintings, illustrations, and murals. His style is a unique mix of both traditional and modern art, combining graffiti and street art influences with an appreciation for abstraction and flat color fields. Mr. Penfold's work is characterized by bold geometric shapes, clean lines, and a playful use of color. He often explores the relationship between minimalism and maximalism, creating works that are visually striking and engaging. His pieces can be found in various formats, including canvases, prints, and large-scale murals. In addition to his personal artwork, Mr. Penfold has collaborated with numerous brands, designing graphics and creating bespoke installations. Some of his clients include Nike, The Guardian, and Sony, among others. As his career continues to progress, Mr. Penfold remains an influential figure in the contemporary art world, particularly within the realms of street art and abstract painting.

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