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  • Truth Automaton Archival Print by Nathan Spoor

    Nathan Spoor Truth Automaton Archival Print by Nathan Spoor

    Truth Automaton Limited Edition Archival Pigment Prints on 310gsm Fine Art Paper by Nathan Spoor Graffiti Street Artist Modern Pop Art. "This piece exists as a fun exercise of me being influenced by the ideas, words, and pictures from some pretty radical creative thinkers. Most of the characters in the piece are manifestations of Ralph Steadman’s reactions to Hunter S. Thompson’s wild Gonzo persona and my imaginings of how they would all huddle together around a core value in Hunter’s work – the eternal search for truth. When I created this piece I was inspired by the double-feature articles I was writing for Juxtapoz last year, a cover feature on Steadman, and a piece on Hunter. I researched for about three months, reading everything I could find, looking at all the images, articles, documentaries, and interviews I could find. I collected editions of both guys’ books as part of the research, trying to find first printings or hard to find books of Steadman’s art so I could hold something with that original energy – it might sound silly but I’m old fashioned in some ways. So while I was doing the research and reading, I was also coming up with ideas and did a decent-sized piece about the collaborative madness that Steadman and Hunter shared." - Nathan Spoor


Nathan Spoor

Nathan Spoor is a contemporary artist known for his surreal, dreamlike paintings that often depict intricate narratives and themes. Born in 1975, Spoor grew up in Michigan and later attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where he received a BFA in illustration. Spoor's work often features fantastical creatures, landscapes, and scenarios that are both whimsical and thought-provoking. He has cited inspirations from a wide range of sources, including classical art, popular culture, and personal experiences. His unique visual style combines elements of traditional painting techniques with a modern aesthetic, creating a rich and engaging experience for the viewer. Nathan Spoor's artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, and he has gained a significant following among art enthusiasts and collectors. In addition to his fine art career, Spoor has worked as an illustrator, designer, and art director for various projects and publications. He is also a writer and curator, often contributing to art publications and organizing exhibitions for fellow artists.

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