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  • The Greed Depression Large Format Silkscreen Print by NoName x Shepard Fairey- OBEY

    Shepard Fairey- OBEY The Greed Depression Large Format Silkscreen Print by NoName x Shepard Fairey- OBEY

    The Greed Depression Large Format Silkscreen Print by NoName x Shepard Fairey- OBEY Hand-Pulled on Deckled Archival Cotton Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Pop Street Art Artwork. 2023 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 80 Artwork Size 23.75x31.5 Silkscreen Print "My friend No Name and I collaborated recently on a print inspired by my cover for George Orwell’s “Down and Out in Paris and London” and our mutual irritation with greed and the brutality of many aspects of capitalism. No Name and I are both frustrated by the forces which convince much of the public to fall in line with a system that grinds them (and most of us) in its gears, and contributes to feelings of insecurity. With that in mind, don’t buy this print if you should use the money for something better or nothing at all. Should you think it over and still want a print, your money will support No Name’s public art endeavors and survival within the gears of capitalism… oh, and mine too! We both appreciate the support. No Name wrote about the print in greater depth, so I’ll let him take it from here!" -Shepard Fairey "I was introduced to Georg Orwell’s novels back in the late ’90s through my english teacher, an insignificant-looking sarcastic little man, who mantra-like implanted us the adage “use your common sense.” Nearly one decade later, I rediscovered Orwell’s books – and thoughts – through the appealing cover layout design by the kindred spirit street art activist Shepard Fairey, who I’m glad to call a friend today for many years. Shepard and I were discussing his illustration for “Down and Out” which he actually, for some reason, hadn’t made as a print edition yet. Due to the fact that Orwell’s dystopian books were/are one of the leading inspirations for our philosophy and work, Shepard offered to team up and use the illustration for a collaboration." -NoNAME


Graffiti Artist NoNAME, whose real identity remains shrouded in mystery, has been steadily making a name for himself in the worlds of pop art, street art, and graffiti art. He first burst onto the scene with his distinctive style that fuses bold colors, intricate patterns, and thought-provoking imagery. His work is often characterized by a sense of playfulness and spontaneity, which is a hallmark of pop art. Much like the legendary pop artist Keith Haring, NoNAME draws inspiration from the energy and dynamism of urban environments. His graffiti work is not simply a visual feast but also an incisive commentary on contemporary societal issues. NoNAME’s oeuvre mirrors pop art’s ethos of incorporating mundane objects into the artistic narrative, making his work relatable and accessible to a broad audience. Diving deeper into his street art persona, NoNAME's work is often found in unexpected places - from the facades of abandoned buildings to railway carriages. This predilection for utilizing public spaces aligns him with the traditional values of street art. His art turns dull cityscapes into open-air galleries and invites the viewer to not just observe but also interact with the piece. Many street artists before him, like the infamous Banksy, have employed public spaces to communicate with a wider audience. NoNAME continues this tradition but takes it a step further by often incorporating elements of augmented reality and digital media, thus blurring the lines between the virtual and physical realms. His versatility in the choice of mediums resonates with the tech-savvy, modern audience, earning him accolades from both critics and fans alike. Furthermore, NoNAME's background in graffiti art forms the backbone of his practice. Unlike the sometimes more polished world of street art, graffiti is often seen as raw and unfiltered. NoNAME’s style is noticeably informed by traditional graffiti techniques such as tagging and use of spray paint, but he combines these with a more contemporary aesthetic. His compositions are complex, often interweaving letters, words, and images in a manner that demands close attention. The layers in his work often represent layers of meaning and social commentary, reminiscent of early graffiti artists who used their art as a form of protest and a means of reclaiming public spaces. Through his unique blend of graffiti and pop art, NoNAME captures the zeitgeist of the modern era, bridging the gap between subculture and mainstream art. In the sphere of pop culture, NoNAME’s work has found resonance beyond just the streets and galleries. He has collaborated with musicians, filmmakers, and fashion designers, further cementing his position as an influential figure in contemporary art. His integration of different art forms and media has propelled him into the forefront of a new wave of artists who are redefining what it means to be a graffiti artist in the 21st century. Through his bold and innovative approach, NoNAME is not only leaving his indelible mark on the urban landscapes but also challenging the very notion of what art can be in an increasingly interconnected world.

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