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  • Descent Giclee Print by Josh Keyes

    Josh Keyes Descent Giclee Print by Josh Keyes

    Descent Pop Street Artwork Limited Edition Giclee Print on 300gsm Cotton Rag Paper by Urban Graffiti Modern Artist Josh Keyes. Signed 2016 Limited Editon The image area of the artwork measures roughly 8x10" with white border roughly 1" to allow ample margin for framing. These archival prints are created by PixelPoint Artistry, hand signed by Josh Keyes The artwork is on 300gsm 100% Fine Art cotton rag, Optica One, the primary substrate used for Josh Keyes Limited Editions created by PPA. 12.5x10.5


Ocean & Sea

Maritime Motifs in Contemporary Art

The ocean has been a boundless source of inspiration across various art forms for centuries. In the domains of pop art, street art, and graffiti, it takes on a new life, serving as both subject and symbol. Artists have harnessed the allure of the sea and the mystique of its depths to challenge viewers, provoke thought, and communicate poignant messages through their creations. The vastness of the ocean is reflective of the infinite possibilities within these art movements, enabling a diverse range of expressions, from the critique of pollution to the celebration of marine life.

Environmental Commentary through Ocean Imagery

Within the urban canvases of cities around the world, street and graffiti artists employ oceanic imagery to raise awareness about environmental concerns. These artworks often feature marine creatures entangled in plastic or oil spills, pointing to the devastating impact of human waste and chemical pollutants on oceanic ecosystems. Pop artists in galleries harness similar themes, using bright colors and familiar icons to draw attention to the need for ocean conservation. The visual shock of seeing sea life juxtaposed with symbols of human negligence brings the message home to an audience that might otherwise remain disengaged from environmental advocacy.

Street Art and Graffiti: Nautical Narratives

Graffiti and street art are particularly potent in conveying narratives of oceanic proportions. They transform public spaces into forums for dialogue, bringing the narratives of the sea to those who may have never dipped their toes in its waters. These pieces range from murals of epic underwater scenes to the intricate tagging of sea creature silhouettes, each artist contributing their unique wave to the ocean of urban expression. This form of art is transient, much like the tides themselves, often here today and gone tomorrow, which underlines the urgent message of many ocean-inspired street artworks – the fleeting beauty of our seas amidst the strain of human influence.

Cultural Currents and Pop Art's Oceans

Pop art’s treatment of ocean themes delves into the cultural currents of society, making the familiar unfamiliar and encouraging onlookers to reconsider their relationship with the marine world. Iconography like the simple wave, a ship in peril, or a bottle with a message inside, become infused with new meaning in a pop art context. This artwork might be found gracing the walls of boutique seaside cafes or the galleries of coastal cities, capturing the zeitgeist of an era increasingly concerned with the plight of our planet’s waters.

Artistic Advocacy and the Sea

The unifying thread in the depiction of oceans across these art forms is the underlying advocacy for marine preservation and environmental activism. Artists like Shepard Fairey, with his "Obey Giant" campaign, intertwine commercial iconography with messages that critique consumption and environmental disregard. This approach has been instrumental in not just beautifying spaces but in steering conversations towards the health of our oceans. The sea, with its profound beauty and depth, is a powerful protagonist in the narratives constructed by these artists, a testament to the critical role art plays in echoing the issues of our time. Each wave of artistic interpretation brings the ocean closer to those who encounter it, allowing the sea to flow through concrete jungles and into the hearts and minds of an urban populace. This body of work continues to expand, driven by the tides of creativity and the currents of social consciousness, anchoring the ocean firmly in the fabric of contemporary art.

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