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Opalino glass, also known as "Lattimo" glass, is a type of opaque or translucent glass that was developed in Murano, Italy, in the 15th century. The term "Opalino" comes from the opalescent appearance of the glass, which resembles the precious opal gemstone. The technique to create Opalino glass involves adding various chemicals and minerals, such as bone ash or tin, to the molten glass mixture, which creates the desired opacity and color. The addition of these materials to the glass creates a milky appearance, with the final color and opacity depending on the specific additives used and the temperature at which the glass is worked. In terms of glassmakers or artists associated with Opalino glass, it's important to remember that glassmaking in Murano has been a tradition passed down through generations. There are numerous families and artists who have contributed to the development and evolution of Opalino glass over the centuries. Some of the most notable glassmakers in Murano include the Barovier, Toso, and Seguso families, although it's difficult to attribute the specific creation of Opalino glass to one artist or glassmaker. Today, Opalino glass remains a popular choice for decorative objects, jewelry, and art pieces due to its beautiful appearance and rich history.

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