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  • The North Road Original Gouache Wood Painting by Chris Austin

    Chris Austin The North Road Original Gouache Wood Painting by Chris Austin

    Purchase The North Road Original Gouache Painting by Chris Austin One of a Kind Artwork on Wood by Street Art Pop Artist. 2023 Signed Gouache Painting Original Artwork Size 10x10 Chris Austin's extraordinary "The North Road" original gouache wood painting, is an exemplar of how contemporary art can challenge and redefine our conventional understanding of space and form. This piece of art, which seamlessly fuses elements of pop, street and graffiti art, is instantly captivating and thought-provoking. It uniquely presents a surreal scenario where a shark is depicted flying through taxi cabs amid city traffic. Austin's bold and idiosyncratic style confronts the viewers with the reality of urban chaos and the power of imagination. The artist's use of gouache, a type of watercolor paint that can produce intensely vibrant colors, allows for a rich depiction of the otherwise everyday urban landscape and the completely out-of-place ocean predator. The brightness of the taxis and the shark, contrasted with the muted, almost monochromatic background of the cityscape, gives the composition an intense visual impact, typical of pop and street art. In the realms of street and graffiti art, such pieces not only provide aesthetic pleasure but are also often imbued with social and political commentary. Austin's painting could be seen as a critique of urban congestion and pollution, using the incongruous image of the shark to draw attention to the unnaturalness of city life. Alternatively, the flying shark might symbolize the survival instincts and adaptability needed to thrive in a bustling city. "The North Road" stands as a testament to the limitless creativity and capacity for social commentary inherent in the genres of pop, street, and graffiti art. It continues to captivate audiences with its vibrant colors, surreal subject matter, and the compelling dialogue it prompts about our relationship with urban spaces.


  • Sale -20% California Dreams Art Book & Original Drawing by Stanley Mouse California Dreams Art Book & Original Drawing by Stanley Mouse

    Stanley Mouse California Dreams Art Book & Original Drawing by Stanley Mouse

    Purchase California Dreams- Book & Original Drawing of Mouse Drawing Person, The Art of Stanley Mouse Hardcover Limited Edition Art Book by Stanley Mouse. 2015 Signed Original hand drawing on the first page in graphite pencil of a mouse-person hybrid drawing a stick figure, Stanley's logo, and his large signature. Drawing measures about 15x10 California Dreams Art Book & Original Drawing by Stanley Mouse is a definitive anthology charting the influential career of Stanley Mouse, a visionary artist whose psychedelic visuals became emblematic of the 1960s cultural revolution. Spanning over five decades, this extensive collection comprises 240 pages of Mouse's diverse and unceasingly inventive portfolio. Mouse gained acclaim for his arresting poster art, album covers, and T-shirt designs that he frequently created in partnership with Alton Kelley during San Francisco's cultural heyday and continued well into the 1970s. His work from this period encapsulates the vibrant ethos, exploratory spirit, and creative freedom of the era's shifting currents. Yet, "California Dreams" goes beyond Mouse's renowned contributions to the counterculture movement. It traces back to his roots in Detroit, where he honed his craft on hot rods and produced original airbrushed shirts and posters featuring fantastical creatures and flamboyant automobiles. His recent ventures into the fine arts are also showcased, revealing arresting landscapes and poignant figure studies that signify a new chapter in his artistic journey. The collection presents previously unpublished works, offering a rare view of the early stages and evolution of Mouse's most celebrated pieces, alongside insights into his archives. This book not only commemorates Mouse's legacy in the visual arts but also celebrates the breadth and depth of his enduring artistic expression. "California Dreams" stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Stanley Mouse, an artist whose work has become a cornerstone of the pop art movement and whose influence can be seen across street pop art and graffiti artwork. This hardcover art book is not only a celebration of Mouse's storied career but also a showcase of his dynamic range as an artist, featuring his iconic illustrations that have captured the California spirit and the broader American imagination. What sets this limited edition book apart is the original hand-drawn illustration by Stanley Mouse himself on the first page. The graphite pencil drawing of a mouse-person hybrid engaged in drawing a stick figure is a whimsical self-reference and a nod to the artist's whimsical and subversive takes on popular culture. The Mouse, a recurring character in Mouse's work, is depicted with human-like features and expressions, adding a personal touch that blurs the lines between artist and artwork. Stanley Mouse's signature style, characterized by its fluid lines and psychedelic overtones, is evident in this drawing, measuring approximately 15x10 inches. His large, distinctive signature anchors the piece, a mark of authenticity and a symbol of his contributions to the art world. The book "California Dreams" and the accompanying original drawing provide a unique insight into the creative process of one of the greats in pop art. It's a collector's piece that captures the essence of an era defined by its boldness, rebellion, and artistic innovation. The legacy of Stanley Mouse continues to inspire street pop art and graffiti artists as they carry forward the torch of creating vibrant, engaging, and deeply connected to the cultural zeitgeist.


  • Astro Boy Original Watercolor Painting by Adam Lister

    Adam Lister Astro Boy Original Watercolor Painting by Adam Lister

    Purchase Astro Boy Original Watercolor Painting by Adam Lister One of a Kind Artwork on 140lb Cold-Press Watercolor Fine Art Paper by Street Art Pop Artist. 2023 Signed Date & Title on Back Watercolor Original Painting Size 8x10 Astro Boy Kaws Tribute by Adam Lister. Discover the unique and mesmerizing world of Adam Lister, an exceptional contemporary artist renowned for his original acrylic paintings. Lister skillfully combines geometric shapes, bold colors, and intricate compositions to create a visual experience that transcends the ordinary. His art is a harmonious blend of abstraction and representation, inviting viewers to engage with familiar subjects in a fresh, innovative way. Lister's work is celebrated internationally, with collectors and enthusiasts praising his ability to reinvent classic themes and cultural icons through a modern lens. Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Adam Lister and explore the profound impact his acrylic paintings have on the art world. This is an artistic journey you don't want to miss.


  • Deinonychus Original Oil Painting by Scott Listfield

    Scott Listfield Deinonychus Original Oil Painting by Scott Listfield

    Purchase Deinonychus Original Oil Painting by Scott Listfield One of a Kind Artwork on Canvas by Street Art Pop Artist. 2022 Signed Oil Original Painting Size 10x10


  • Sale -20% Snoopy Bad Inc Original Mixed Media Street Sign Painting by Sonic Bad

    Sonic Bad Snoopy Bad Inc Original Mixed Media Street Sign Painting by Sonic Bad

    Purchase Snoopy Bad INC Original Mixed Media Graffiti Artist Modern Pop Art on Real Metal Street Sign by Sonic Bad. 2015 Signed Original Spray Paint Mixed Media on Tin Metal Security Sign. Sonic BAD INC Snoopy Bad INC Artwork Size 14x10 Depicting Peanuts Red Barron Snoopy & Woodstock Bomber Stylistic Graffiti Holding Pistol Gun with Security Camera and Snowman. "Snoopy Bad INC" stands as a striking representation of modern pop art, capturing the essence of urban culture and rebellion. Crafted by the gifted hands of Sonic Bad, this artwork merges traditional pop culture icons with the gritty, raw energy of street art, culminating in an arresting visual narrative that challenges the observer to reflect on the complexities of modern life. Dated 2015, this piece is an original spray paint mixed media artwork rendered meticulously on a tin metal security sign. The choice of substrate is itself symbolic, as the once authoritative metal sign, meant to assert control and surveillance, is now transformed into a canvas of artistic expression and defiance. It's a nod to the transformative power of art, and its ability to reclaim and repurpose. Central to the artwork is the iconic figure of Snoopy, reconceptualized here as the Red Barron Bomber, an avatar of resistance. The character holds a pistol, possibly suggesting a challenge to authority or perhaps underscoring the idea of survival in an increasingly surveilled society. To his side, a security camera and a snowman are portrayed, elements that bring in layers of meaning – from societal watchfulness to the fleeting nature of life and art. Sonic BAD INC's decision to incorporate these elements reiterates the tensions of modern living, where innocence and nostalgia meet the hard edges of reality. In the grand tapestry of street, graffiti, and pop art, "Snoopy Bad INC" by Sonic Bad serves as a reminder of the power of art to both mirror and critique the world it inhabits. Through his unique lens, Sonic Bad beckons viewers to embark on a journey of introspection and discovery, all while celebrating the indomitable spirit of creativity.


  • Sale -20% Caution Sechor Required Street Sign Graffiti Painting by Sechor

    Sechor Caution Sechor Required Street Sign Graffiti Painting by Sechor

    Purchase Caution Sechor Required Original Mixed Media Spray Paint & Acrylic Painting graffiti artist modern pop art on Real Metal Street Sign by Sechor. 2021 Signed Original Acrylic paint on metal. 14x10 in


  • Hula Bunny Original Marker Drawing by Joe Ledbetter

    Joe Ledbetter Hula Bunny Original Marker Drawing by Joe Ledbetter

    Purchase Hula Bunny Original Marker Drawing by Joe Ledbetter on Card Stock Paper, Modern Street Pop Artwork.  2006 Signed Original Magic Marker Drawing Size 6x10 of a Bunny Rabbit Hula Girl. "Hula Bunny," an original marker drawing by Joe Ledbetter, presents a whimsical fusion of street art sensibilities and pop art aesthetics. Created in 2006, this piece features a charming bunny rabbit depicted as a hula girl, a playful subject matter characteristic of Ledbetter's signature style. The 6x10-inch artwork is a testament to the artist's ability to blend cartoon-like figures with a mature, street-influenced art form. Crafted with magic marker on card stock paper, "Hula Bunny" is imbued with spontaneity and fluidity, often found in street pop art. Ledbetter's lines are confident and animated, bringing the character to life with a few simple strokes. The artwork's bold black outlines and the absence of color draw attention to the form and movement suggested by the hula dancer's pose. Signed by the artist, this original piece captures the playful spirit of pop art, with its roots in commercial and popular imagery. Ledbetter often explores themes that resonate with a broad audience, and "Hula Bunny" is no exception. It reflects a joyful and carefree narrative, a departure from the conventional graffiti art associated with urban environments. This original drawing holds its own in modern street pop artwork, showcasing Ledbetter's creative range. His work bridges the gap between street art's raw expressiveness and pop art's accessible imagery. "Hula Bunny" is not just a piece of art; it is a slice of the culture from which it originates, offering a lighthearted take on the artist's surroundings and experiences. Collectors and admirers of Ledbetter's work appreciate his unique take on street pop art, where each piece often serves as a commentary on contemporary life. "Hula Bunny," with its charm and simplicity, continues to captivate viewers, remaining a delightful example of how traditional techniques can produce endearing and enduring art.


Original Artwork

The Essence of Original Artwork in Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork

Original artwork in Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork represents a powerful personal and cultural expression. This art form has evolved from its origins on city walls and public spaces to a significant part of the contemporary art landscape. Originality in this context is characterized by the artist's unique vision, style, and message conveyed through various mediums, including spray paint, stencils, and posters. These artists often work under pseudonyms, creating pieces that are not only visually striking but also often laden with social, political, or personal commentary.

Evolution and Significance of Original Artwork in Urban Art Forms

The evolution of original artwork within Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork is marked by its transition from underground subculture to mainstream acceptance. Early graffiti artists, starting in the 1960s and 1970s in cities like New York and Philadelphia, used their art as a form of rebellion and self-expression. This was when graffiti was not yet recognized as a legitimate art form but rather as an act of vandalism. However, as artists began to develop distinct styles and messages, the artistic value of their work gained recognition. By the late 20th century, street art and graffiti began to be celebrated in galleries and art institutions, marking a significant shift in how original artwork in this genre was perceived and valued.

Characteristics and Techniques of Original Art in Street and Pop Art

Original artwork in Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork is distinguished by its bold use of color, innovative use of space, and often provocative subject matter. Artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Banksy have become iconic figures known for their unique styles and the powerful messages conveyed through their art. The techniques employed in this genre vary, ranging from freehand spray painting to elaborate stenciling and mixed media. The temporary nature of street art – where a piece may be painted over or removed at any time – adds to the uniqueness and significance of each work. This transient aspect highlights the originality and authenticity central to this art form.

Impact and Future Trajectory of Original Artwork in Urban Settings

The impact of original artwork in Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork extends beyond the visual realm. It has become a tool for artists to engage with the community, comment on societal issues, and challenge the status quo. The public nature of this art form makes it accessible to a broad audience, allowing for diverse interpretations and discussions. Technology and new media will likely play an increasing role in how this art is created and experienced. However, the essence of originality, rooted in the artist's vision and commentary on the world around them, will continue to be the driving force behind this dynamic and ever-evolving art form.

The Enduring Legacy of Original Artwork in Contemporary Art Movements

The enduring legacy of original artwork in Street Pop Art and Graffiti Artwork is its ability to challenge perceptions, inspire change, and give voice to the voiceless. These art forms have democratized the art world, allowing artists from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and perspectives. As original artwork in these genres continues to evolve and gain recognition, it reaffirms the importance of art as a reflection of society, an agent of change, and a profound medium for personal expression. The ongoing journey of street and pop art signifies a vibrant chapter in contemporary art history, one that continues to influence and inspire artists and art enthusiasts around the globe.
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