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  • Painter Girl Original Pen Collage Drawing by James Wilson

    James Wilson Painter Girl Original Pen Collage Drawing by James Wilson

    Purchase Painter Girl Original Pop Modern Street Art Ballpoint Pen and Collage Drawing on Fine Art Paper by Artist James Wilson. 2022 Signed Original Drawing. Ballpoint Pen, Cut Out Paper, Newspaper and Collage Size:    5.875 x 8.25 Inches Release:    February 10, 2022  "The term 'Off the Grid' comes with a romanticized view of self-sustainability, getting back to nature and going back to 'a simpler time', this often neglects the forgotten trappings involved with stepping outside of your comfort zone.  "This body of work can be seen as an aesthetic and thematic sequel to the previous 'Breakups and Breakdowns' collection where the idea of a broken relationship was the focus, it’s now been shifted to exploring new uncharted territory. Building on the pen on paper approach by physically cutting windows into the pieces takes them outside of the known and familiar into experimental and uncharted territory.  "These works continue to look at escapism through different lenses whether it's a digital realm achieved by VR, the hopes poured into crypto, liquid courage found in alcohol or the distracting thrill gained by high risk environments, they all offer a reward but also contain their own risks. It’s through exploring outside the comforts of the safe and known without the usual safety nets where you find danger and risk, but the unknown is also where the most potential and growth can be found." –James Wilson


Original Artwork

Original Artwork
Graffiti street pop art, also known as street art, is an urban art form that incorporates a variety of artistic techniques and styles, including original paintings, drawings, and sculptures. This art form typically takes place in public spaces, on walls, sidewalks, and other surfaces, often without permission. Street artists use these mediums to express their creativity, address social and political issues, and engage with the public in unique ways. Original paintings: Original paintings in graffiti street pop art are created using various types of paint and spray paint. They often feature bold colors, strong lines, and iconic images or characters. These paintings are known for their striking visual impact and ability to draw attention to the message or concept being conveyed. Drawings: Drawings are another popular medium in street art, created using pencils, charcoal, markers, and other drawing tools. Artists often create detailed sketches and then transfer them to walls using a grid system or freehand techniques. Some artists choose to create simple black-and-white drawings, while others incorporate vibrant colors and intricate details. Sculpture: Sculpture in graffiti street pop art is a relatively rare but growing aspect of the genre. Artists use various materials such as wood, metal, plaster, and even found objects to create three-dimensional works of art. These sculptures can be standalone pieces or integrated into larger murals and installations. In some cases, artists may create temporary sculptures out of materials like ice or sand. Some well-known artists who have worked with original paintings, drawings, and sculptures in graffiti street pop art include: Banksy: Banksy is an anonymous English street artist known for his satirical and subversive stencil-based works, which often address political and social issues. He has also created sculptures, such as his famous "Girl with a Pierced Eardrum" piece. Shepard Fairey: Fairey is an American graphic artist and street artist known for his iconic "Obey Giant" series and the Barack Obama "Hope" poster. His work often combines elements of paintings and drawings to create striking images. Swoon: Swoon, a pseudonym for the American artist Caledonia Curry, is known for her intricate paper cutouts and wheatpaste installations. She also works with sculpture, creating immersive environments and installations that engage the public. Invader: Invader is a French street artist who creates pixelated, mosaic-style tile installations inspired by the retro video game Space Invaders. His works can be considered a form of sculptural street art. Graffiti street pop art continues to evolve as artists experiment with new techniques and mediums. As original paintings, drawings, and sculptures are increasingly integrated into street art, the genre becomes even more diverse and engaging.

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