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  • Hench Undead Recovery Agent Art Toy by Pete Fowler x SuperPlastic Hench Undead Recovery Agent Art Toy by Pete Fowler x SuperPlastic

    Pete Fowler Hench Undead Recovery Agent Art Toy by Pete Fowler x SuperPlastic

    Purchase Hench Undead Recovery Agent SuperPlastic x Pete Fowler Limited Edition Vinyl Artwork Street Art Toy Collectable Figure When Area 51 can’t find one of their missing “experiments,” there’s only one beast they call to recover these zombie virus-infected extraterrestrials: Hench, Undead Recovery Agent for US Strategic Command. Decked in Day-Glo camo and sporting an electroplated gold grill with “NOT ME” boots. Legendary UK Artist Pete Fowler’s magnificent 9-inch monster is ready to explore the desolate dunes of the deep desert in hopes of stumbling upon a flesh-eating skinwalker dining on some glampers.


Pete Fowler is a Welsh artist, designer, and illustrator best known for his colorful, psychedelic artwork and character designs. Born in Cardiff, Wales, in 1969, Fowler gained prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s through his work with the British band Super Furry Animals. He created the distinctive cover art for many of their albums and singles, as well as stage designs and merchandise. Fowler's style is characterized by vivid colors, intricate patterns, and fantastical creatures, often blending elements of folk art, pop culture, and surrealism. He draws inspiration from various sources, such as mythology, folklore, and music. His artwork often features anthropomorphic animals, monsters, and other quirky characters. In addition to his work with Super Furry Animals, Fowler has collaborated with numerous other bands and musicians, creating album artwork, posters, and other promotional materials. He has also worked on commercial projects with clients like Sony, Levi's, and the BBC. Fowler's art has been exhibited in galleries around the world, and he has released several art toys and collectibles based on his unique character designs. Fowler is also known for his DJing skills and has played at various events and clubs, often incorporating his artwork into his DJ sets through animations and visuals.
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